Hair braiding on the Magic


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Jul 4, 2001
Hi, all! Who can I contact to "suggest" having a hair braiding service right on the Magic? It seems to me plenty would take advantage of this service! We let DD7 have some braids done on St. Maarten, but would have probably done her whole head if it were offered on the ship because -
1. I would have felt it was more sanitary,
2. it would have not taken away from "beach time", and
3. it would have avoided all the swarms of braiders descending upon us!! :D

I know it is available on Castaway Cay, but that cuts into that all important "beach time"! (Can you tell why WE go on vacation?!)

Just a suggestion!:cool:
Singing Mom...that is a great idea and I know that the Disney powers that be monitor these boards. I have a few suggestions of my own that I'm going to put at the end of my trip report..if I
ever get to finish it!!!!!

I always have dd's hair done at CC. As soon as we hit the Island
we go directly to the hair braiding tents. He hair is shoulder length and I only let her have 2-4 braids...she likes for them to
hang down so she can "swing" her head and they flop around her only takes about 10-20 mins and then she has the rest of the day. If kids have long hair....I know it takes longer....but if you go as soon as you get on the Island..
at least you don't have to wait!!

And, we live at the beaching it isn't that important to us as it is to those who don't see one every day...I understand that I'm sitting here now with the window open and can hear
the waves.........

Good idea though.....

Just thought you'd like to hear what ktharris reported today about hairbraiding on board! ....

" They are now doing hairbraiding onboard the Magic. DD had corn rows done yesterday afternoon. "

Pretty neat! Our DD will be thrilled to have the opportunity to have it done on the ship! We'll be thrilled not to waste any "beach time"! Phyllis - I'm jealous of your proximity to the beach! :D
Wow, this is so cool. DD wants to have hers done.This will be great, not having to wait till Castaway Cay.

Thanks for the info.


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