Grosvenor $42 pcln no bonus$!!


Aug 24, 1999
Okay Im happy I got this hotel for less than $100 inc taxes for 6/15-17 so whos been there? whats it like? Do they have EE OR E-TIX ? Any info appreciated TIA
You might try doing a search on the resort board for this hotel.
I really do hope you are happy with it. A positive post on this hotel is rare, from what I have seen.
I think the best I have read was someone else got it cheap, and said they got what they paid for.
Good luck.


CSR: 01/01
DL- off site: 05/01
WDW - on site: 01/02
Just got back from Grosvnors and had a great time.We left April 6th and got back Yesterday. We were in the Courtyard and it was great, the Tower has better views. You get EE but I'm not sure about E-Tix. You also get a bus pass to use Disney Buses. In the evening from MK we used Disney Buses because Downtown Resort Buses were very busying. Also you're the last resort to be picked up and dropped off, once we were turned down because the bus was full but it was our fault, we should have been there earlier. Downtown Disney is so close, 3minute walk, we were there every night. If you have anymore Questions,Ask!


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