Great visit to GC and DCA! Just Back


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Oct 5, 1999
We spent thursday and friday night at the Grand Californian. And it was wonderful.
Our 4 year anniversary was Friday, which is why we planned the trip. And I had called ahead of time to have some cookies and a bear (the DCA mascot) waiting as a suprise for my hubby in the room. I was so happy with the results. The room was perfect, with rose petals covering the bed and everything. It was well worth the price.
We went to DCA on Friday. Used the park entrance through GC, which works so well. And were the 3rd and 4th people in line for Soarin'. Which was amazing. I loved it. We jumped off the ride and got a fast pass to come back. We ended up riding it 3 times total.
We had a wonderful time.
Let me know if you have any questions.


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Sounds like you had quite a special vacay at the Land. Glad that GCH took good care of you, and that you had fun. :)

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It's nice to hear someone else who really enjoyed it, as there has certainly been controversy as to how many people have been happy with DCA and the GC. We were lucky enough to go for a CM preview in January and also stayed at GC and we loved it. The crowds at DCA were very low so we have been wondering if that was part of what we enjoyed so much. We are going back in May and can't wait.

Sounds like you had a great time! I have a couple of questions for you, since I'm planning an upcoming trip and plan to stay at GC...

- What type of room/view did you have? Was it concierge?
- If it was concierge, could you please give some details about the room and it's amenities?
- Who did you contact about the bear and cookies, and if you don't mind my asking, how much did it cost?
- Finally, how did you arrange for the rose petals???

The two voices in my mind are debating between concierge or standard room. Whichever I decide on, I plan to go with a theme park view.

Glad you had such a wonderful time, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!!


I just called the Grand Californian.
I think I asked for guest services and I know I was transfered at least once.
I just reqested a bear (the DCA mascot stuffed animal) and cookies to be waiting in our room. The cast member who helped me said she wasn't sure if she/they could get access to our room before we checked in, and if they couldn't it would all be delivered via room service after our check-in. I also wasn't given a dollar amount, only asked if they could charge to my credit card. I was very nervous about that part.

Much to my joy it was all in the room when we entered. With the rose petals and a half karafe (sp) of milk in a bucket of ice. :)

I found a receipt for the bear under a pillow in and envelop addressed to me for $24.00, which was the price tag amount on the bear. Oddly, there were 2 bears in the room and we were only charged for one. Before we checked out I went down to guest services and asked how to settle up, either pay for the second bear or return it. I spoke with someone on the phone at the desk and was told it was there mistake and we should keep the second bear. :) Don't you just love Disney service.

Our check out statement had 2 oddly marked valet/room service charges one for about $6 and the other for about $8. Based on the wording of these charges I assume they are the charges for the cookies, milk and turn-down service with roses.

I wish I had more percise information for you.
They also knew it was our anniversary, which might have been why the roses were added. But, obviously request them if you know you want them. Also, These cookies were large chocolate cookies and we didn't see them anywhere else in the park or in the hotel.
We took picture of it all before we messed up the room and ate the cookies. I can get you a link to these photos in the next day or so if you want.


We had a park view room with a king size bed.
It was not concierge room, we were on the 4th floor.



Thanks for such detailed information! I appreciate the time you took in your response. The price seems reasonable, especially considering it's Disney! You've sold me, I will try to surprise my boyfriend with something like that. (He loves cookies.)


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