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    Sep 14, 1999
    We're back from a three week driving trip out West and back. We had no car trouble which was my main concern. As I suspected when you get to some remote areas with mountains, canyons, or forests you can forget about your cell phone working well. There may be a few cell phones that work better than others, but ours was not very good. It would say NO SERVICE.

    Personally, I loved this trip. We saw family, friends, and sights along the way.
    We never drove more than a 7 hour day which I think is the secret to a successful long, driving trip for anyone with issues one way or the other. We averaged a 6 hour driving day most of the time. Now, this does not count eating or pit stops. We had layovers as I call them; so, there wasn't driving day in, day out. Disneyland was a layover for three nights, as an example.

    My mom had one really bad outburst in our hotel room one night and two other ones that were pretty bad along the way. One was in a restaurant where she started screaming and swearing. Anyway, to be honest this could happen at home; so, I didn't consider it special to the trip. I did feel a little concerned about the really bad one at the hotel. I was waiting for police to be knocking on the door. My mom must have screamed out the word HELP at least 25 times very loudly. I carry a doctor's note about her outbursts, but until you are in a situation you don't know what will happen and how anyone else will react. The sad thing is you can't reason with her at all during an episode. You can't calm her down and you don't know the trigger to it all. You just have to let it happen and be done. Eventually, she tires herself and we can go on from there.

    The one sad thing is my mom doesn't seem to remember the Grand Canyon or Mt. Rushmore or other sights by the next day. I'm hoping pictures may help when I get them printed out. She had never seen these sights and it's one of the reasons I took the trip. At 90 plus and in her Alzheimer's condition there aren't that many chances to see such places anymore; so, we went for it. If anything she may have enjoyed the moment even if she can't remember it so well. There were smiles, here and there.

    Our weather was perfect everywhere. It seems the bad weather would come after we left each place. Rain would have been a trigger for my mom; so, I was so grateful for good weather conditions. It was never too cold or too hot anywhere we went, not even in Arizona and we were in Phoenix there.

    Disneyland for us was a dissappointment. MK was all right, but California Adventure being still under construction made walking and pushing the wheelchair even harder. We never could make it to the World of Color show. For us, it was too long of a day. We tried twice for it. We stayed off site which probably did not help here. I loved our off site property (Residence Inn-Annaheim) and would do this place again. We bought our Disneyland tickets at the off site resort. We paid with Disney reward dollars there and we were able to get a bonus ticket which was suppose to be a website only deal. The bonus was a slightly cheaper cost and it offered an early entry day. I found the early entry day bonus as a shock; because, I thought that was only for on site guests.

    I'm already thinking about doing an East Coast trip, now including Niagara Falls. I think that trip wil be a triangular route rather than a loop and we will do more layovers. I will hit Disney World on that trip. I'm hoping for September on that trip if we can hold on to our health conditions. There's not as much family and friends to see on an East Coast trip; so, it may not not go as well. We did Williamsburg a few years back; so, we may be able to pull it off.

    This West Coast trip entailed 5500 miles. If anyone needs any help planning a trip similar in nature I'd be glad to share any info just ask.
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    May 13, 2000
    Bete- SO glad to hear that the trip was a success. I agree with you that even if your Mom doesn't remember the sites, she DID enjoy them in the moment. I'm just happy to know you had this special time fulfilling a dream for your Mom on this latest trip.

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