Great service experience with Frontier Airlines!

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by ruadisneyfan2, Mar 5, 2012.

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    May 20, 2006
    We luv SWA but they had awful flight times for our return from Seattle for our Alaskan cruise, arriving after midnight & kids' 1st day of school is next day. :headache: Other airlines had better times but were so expensive! Like $1K for 4 of us, one way.

    So when I found Frontier having a decent price and good flight times (arriving 8:40pm) I jumped on it.

    Today I got an email that our itinerary had changed. I was shocked to see it was moved from 11am to 6:15am! :eek: No way we could make this flight; we'd still be on the ship at 6:15am.

    Dh is freaking out as I call their customer service as instructed in my email. While on hold, I search kayak for flights and feel sick over the prices. I stayed calm as I explained the story & how perfect the original flight times were. I was preparing to ask for a refund since this was their only flight from Seattle to Philly that day so I had no other options. Or so I thought.

    She offered to put us on another airline; pretty much my choice of United, USAirways or Continental. United had the best flight times that would get us home by 9pm and my kids can get some decent sleep before starting school.

    I'm disappointed that we don't have our original flight but they gave me a close 2nd choice at no additional cost to me. So in 15 mins I went from being so mad at them to being thrilled! :banana: :yay: I wouldn't hesitate to book with them again. Hopefully they start flying Philly to MCO.

    Thanks Frontier!!! You rock! :flower3::cheer2:

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