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Earning My Ears
Aug 22, 2018
Stay: Jan/20 for medical conference

My husband and I are both physicians who attend medical conferences at WDW 1-2 times/year. They are usually at GF, Contemporary, or YC, and we stayed at each of those resorts. The last two were phenomenal, and even GF 5 years ago was good. This year, it was horrible. I was hoping that everything I'd heard about it had been exaggerations, but they weren't

Our first room was VERY loud. We could hear everything being said in the rooms around us, clearly enough to be able to understand conversations. We could hear the toilet flush in the room above us, and everything that happened in the hallway.

The furniture was disgusting, there were chips in the paint on the walls, some hard furnishings hadn't been dusted, the tiling in the bathroom was gross. And worst of all - there was a bag of breast milk in our fridge.

We were given another room the next day, but apart from the breast milk, everything was the same. As expected, we were given Fast Passes, which I think is a bit of an insult. It does not address the issues that were the problem. When you pay $600+/night, you expect quality everything. The condition of the two rooms we were in didn't even match the Hampton Inns I've stayed in over the years.

I knew, from listening to the Dis, that turndown service had to be requested every day, so I called down the first two nights. The second night, it didn't happen - and I later found out that that was after a flag had been added to our account to ensure we got it every night.

I wrote to the GM, who had the Head of Housekeeping contact me. To be fair, he was contrite and sent some sparkling wine and chocolates because he found out it was my birthday. Still, it did not quell my resentment at paying so much for such a subpar room.

I have stayed many times at the GF since it opened and have wonderful memories of it. I wanted to love it, I really did. A month after we checked out, I am still unhappy with how uncomfortable the room was, how much we paid for it, and how little was done to make up for it. That place needs a gutting.
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Earning My Ears
May 18, 2018
My husband and I stayed at GF for our anniversary trip in December 2019. I agree that for the price paid, it definitely needs a refurb. I wouldn't dare sit on the upholstered chair or couch during our stay. I felt the same about Poly. We love the updated rooms at YC and will continue to stay there for our deluxe stays until GF and Poly are refurbished.


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