Grand Floridian

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  1. Rhegan Eggebrecht

    Rhegan Eggebrecht Earning My Ears

    Jan 27, 2016
    This resort is our "home". I could not be more proud to say that. The staff there is beyond phenomenal! We asked for some towels to be dropped off in the morning and customer service was knocking at our door within 2 minutes. The room service was delightful. The menu had plenty to choose from whether you had a sophisticated palette to a child requesting Fruit Loops. The service within the resort stores was courteous, and helpful. Never did I see one of them without a smile. I did not however receive the same warm welcome at the Contemporary. I also must suggest that everyone takes a moment and visits their spa, Senses. It was really hard to say goodbye. Thank you to all the staff that we had the pleasure of meeting. Until next time.

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