Got my new Disney catalog... See the new Snow Globes


<font color=red>I'm A Disneyana Collector!<font co
Dec 24, 1999
I like them. I really like the Seven Dwarfs Hour Glass. And I saw a Beauty one that was new as well...
no way...I'm not biting this time...

ok, I looked...the Belle snowglobe is very nice but I am not getting into snowglobes!! Pins, just pins!!

Did I ever mention my teapot collection?

We already have a Belle snowglobe in our store (but couldn't put it out until today) - I'm not sure if it's the same as in the catalog but it's really pretty. It plays "Beauty and the Beast" and the entire bottom rotates as the music plays. It actually has all the princesses around the bottom, but Belle and Lumiere (I think) are featured in the globe itself. Very pretty!
Aww Come on Leslie.. It's a Beauty Snow Globe!!!


Nat, you are a cruel, cruel man:eek:

It's way....and who are those other characters on there anyway?

(did you see the giant Beauty and the Beast sculpture/snowglobe at TDS??? $98 yikes!! It was pretty nice though....about a foot tall with 3 or four little snowglobes on it. Too bad I don't collect snowglobes)

Nope, I have my cels, my Beauty and the Beast needlework (made by Sharon aka TDCBlueFairy), my framed pin set from Santa Baby, my Mrs Potts teapot, my pins....I am happy, I am at peace. :D

And I apologize for calling you cruel...I didn't mean it!



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