Got $49.00 Rate at ASMovies


Earning My Ears
Mar 13, 2001
Got very nice rep, ZEKE, found $49.00 rates. We are booked for AUGUST dates.
(Code deleted) via 800-828-0228.

Any suggestions on passes. Am DC member, should we buy before we go, or at the park?

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thought maybe this could use a bump! 89 posts on another thread, most looking for the code and here it sits :) works because i used it! thanks
He was so helpful!

Have fun!

88 - FW
92 - Offsite (Holiday Inn Main Gate East)
93 - Dixie Landings
96 - CBR
97 - All Star Sports (Basketball)
98 - All Star Sports (Surfing)
99 - Disneyland!!!
99 - All Star Music (Calypso)
00 - All Star Movies (Love Bug)
01 - All Star Music (Calypso again?)
If not for you and your information I would not have gotten this special rate. You've made four people VERY happy!

Go Griffins!


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