Gosford Park and A Beautiful Mind.. WARNING, WARNING, SPOILER...

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May 21, 2000
I am an avid movie goer and feel the need to see those that are in contention for the Academy Award...just something that my girls and I love to do.. This past weekend I saw both these movies.. I loved Gosford Park..set in the Deco area, costumes and jewelry were breathtaking and it is sort of an Upstairs Downstairs murder/drama set in a gorgeous English Mansion... If you like that sort of movie, you will love this.. Some clever lines by Maggie Smith, who I think is one of the great actresses of our time, and it boasted a great British cast, Kristen Scott Thomas, Alan Bates, with an exception American Actor Ryan Philippe, who held his own with these veterans....

A Beautiful Mind, I liked as well, my daughter did not. She is not a Russell Crowe fan..I think it is an interesting portrayal of schizophrenia (sp) and I thought quite realistic. I thought he did an outstanding job although my daughter did not think he was Oscar material, I would not be suprised if he got the oscar for this performance.. Jennifer Connolly was gorgeous as the tortured wife of his man..tortured in the sense that she stayed with him through this ordeal.. I thought it was cleverly done, in and out of reality..and would recommend seeing it.. I cried, I am such a weeper..and when that happens I think that they have definitely succeeded in what they were going for... but my daughter thought the scenes were contrived.....So up to you, whether you want to see it or not..
I saw A Beautiful Mind and have to say it was well done but disturbing. Although I did like the not knowing reality from his delusions. It was a well told story that really got you inside the schizophrenia.
I personally thought Ed Harris was fantastic, and deserved a nomination for supporting role. I did think Jennifer Connelly was exceptional also.

I haven't seen Gosford Park and probaly won't I don't tend to enjoy period pieces.
Lisa. I am glad you told me you liked A Beautiful Mind.. I thought it was good too.. I am not sure whether I think Best Picture.. but I did like it.. Yet, my Hallie thought it dragged, Kate thought it was good, but did not think Russell Crowe was all that good.. So I was glad to have another opinion.. Hugs to you Lisa..

So, dearest Mahsha....I saw GPark tonight. Maybe I was distracted (my date was reallyreallyreally good looking), but who killed the old man with the dog (see, his name even escapes me)?

But I do have to agree....Maggie Smith was hysterical. Loved all the subtle and not-so-subtle humor in it as well.....

Also saw a sneak preview of Monster's Ball with Hallie Berry. Incredible. Very disturbing but very powerful. Can you say OSCAR? You heard it here first.
Steve.. glad your date was tres good looking.. this is what I think... two people killed him actually........Helen Mirren poisoned him for her sister who was the Mother of the handsome love interest.. who also stabbed him.. so he was dead from the poison before he was stabbed.. EEK.. does that make sense.. hugs.

Now I am glad not seeing GP - I cry more when animals die in movies then people. I'm not even allowed to touch Ol' Yeller
Dh and I saw A Beautiful Mind yesterday. I thought it was very well done...definitely an Oscar winning performance by Russell Crowe.
Yep, that makes sense Marsha, thanks. Things got a little muddled at the end......
Haven't seen Gosford, though we intend to this weekend.

Did see A Beautiful Mind and thought it was wonderful. The ending was just a tad sweet for me, but everything else about the film was really well done. I think that Crowe and Connolly were superb, the script was fantastic, and the directing was very good (falling just short of excellent, too many of those circling shots, I thought). I'll see it again as it comes to video.


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