Good thing my mom never told me I had to clean my plate to have dessert....

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    May 31, 2007
    as it would have been way too much food but we did our best...LOL! Food was good and quite a variety.

    Now to try my first report on anything.

    Our family of 5 was on the DDP for 7 nights/8days, we have two adults, two 7 year olds (kids menus) and a 10 year old ( adult DDP). It was our family’s first trip to WDW.

    Here is what we ate and our ratings of the restaurants we tried:

    Day 1: Just arrived and starved and headed to Epcot, lunch was at Sunshine Seasons.
    Dh had the Cuban, and for dessert he picked the double chocolate cake (he liked it all but did say dd#1 (10) picked a better dessert)
    I had the grilled salmon which was very good, side salad, rice and picked the strawberry shortcake for dessert.
    Dd#1(10) picked the half chicken, rice and salad and picked the best dessert key lime pie (which was the best key lime of the whole trip)
    Ds(7) had the kids sub sandwich they let him pick his meat choices, applesauce, carrots and a HUGE rice crispy treat he ate the whole thing but ran out of room for the more than half of his dessert (so I saved it for him as a snack later)
    Dd#2 (7) picked the chicken leg with mashed potatoes she doesn’t like cooked carrots which it came with so we asked if she could switch those for salad and they did do that for her, she also choose the rice crispy treat which she couldn’t finish so I packed it away for later

    We liked all of our choices and would go back. It also wasn’t very crowded and we did find a seat easily. We were there just before noon.

    Spoodles, for dinner that evening. This place was very easy and accommodating our waitress gave us all our options before we ordered and said they would be willing to switch many things around to meet our needs, and we never asked nor are we picky eaters.

    Dh ordered the 4 cheese flatbread appetizer, the Cornish game hen and had crème brulee for dessert.
    I ordered the Mediterranean Dips, the red snapper and dd#1 and I had the dessert sampler for 2.
    Dd#1(10) ordered the calamari, the steak kabobs, and as mentioned split the dessert for 2 as she wanted to try them all.
    Ds(7) had the chicken noodle soup, the beef kabob and the ice cream sundae (however, we all shared the appetizers we ordered
    Dd#2(7) ordered the same as ds
    The kids did get smoothies and were excited to do so.

    Overall it was a good choice, dh said his veggies were not good with the Cornish hen, meaning they were cooked too long stewed was his term. We loved the appetizers tho and everyone else liked their dinner.

    Day 2:
    Lunch Flame Tree

    Dh had the pulled pork sandwich and the key lime pie
    I had the pulled pork sandwich and frozen lemonade for dessert
    Dd#1(10) had the ½ slab of ribs and the frozen lemonade
    Ds(7) had the baked chicken wings, grapes and a cookie
    Dd#2 had the hot dog grapes and a cookie
    (dd#1 and I shared our frozen lemonade with ds and dd#2)

    We all enjoyed lunch here and would go back

    Dinner at Biergarten

    What a fun palce, there was music as early as 5pm and we did not sit with another family, which is too bad as it would have added to the experience. My kids all picked off the adults food items . A favorite of all of ours was the pork roast and spatzel and roasted potatoes. I liked the slaw salad. They had pretzel rolls which we all tried. We also all liked the apple strudel with vanilla sauce. We almost tried to change this adr earlier in the day because we wondered if the food would be too heavy in the heat, but we were very pleased we kept it and tried it. The said it was great and they liked the music. Our waiter who has worked there for 20+ years taught them some German and even called over a young man that was new to the USA by a couple of days for them to try it out on. It was a great place to eat. We would definitely go back.

    Day 3:

    Fisrt morning snack: ice cream and itzkadoozies

    Lunch Tangerine Café

    Dh – vegetarian platter the only dessert was the baklava, which was good and my kids had it for their first time as we shared this meal (using only 3 CS)
    Me– the shawarma platter
    Dd#1 – shawarma platter
    So as not to have a heavy meal we shared this with the 2 on the kids menu which was still way more than enough food

    The platters were excellent, we would definitely eat here again

    Dinner Ohanas

    We all tried the wonton and dips and everyone had their favorite
    We also all like the wings, the kids asked me to get the recipe which cousin Brandon the waiter printed off for me right then. The shrimp was also very good. Cousin Brandon also gave all of us flower leis.
    We all liked the turkey meat the best but the steak was also good. And the dessert was also great! It was a fun place, the kids all did the coconut races, the learned the hula and they went up for the parade which turned into the limbo. Fun place and great food. This we would also definitely do again and would recommend to anyone with kids.

    Day 4

    Lunch Backlot Express (love the a/c places in the heat!!) that was how this was chosen

    Dh- cheeseburger and strawberry parfait for dessert
    I had the grilled chicken salad and strawberry parfait
    Dd#1 had the same as I did
    Ds had the kids grilled chicken and veggies, grapes and cookie
    Dd#2 had the same as ds

    It was fine for lunch and good to get something like salad out of the heat. The kids likesd the kids meal too and it wasn’t very heavy.

    Dinner Boma

    Let me start by saying they helped us out here, this was our bus driver nightmare day. We left our resort with1 hour and 30 before dinner we arrived very late but I did have the phone number for the resort (AKL) and called and eventho they put me through to Disney Dining the first couple of time, I told the front desk I needed to talk to the people at the adr desk. We explained about how long we had actually been on the bus from BC to AK and we were just boarding an AKL bus to get there, they said they would squeeze us in when we arrived. Other than ticked at the beginning of dinner from the bus problem. The dinner more than made up for the bus.

    We all tried so many new things and liked almost all of them. The kids only ate off the regular buffet and did not eat the “kids” buffet items. Yes, we all tried the zebra domes and liked them. The coconut dessert was also very good, I would probably give the edge to the coconut one tho. It was a great restaurant and we would definitely go back again!

    I’ll continue with day 5 through day 8 a little later
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    Jul 17, 2005
    Great review! It's crazy how much food you get isn't it?! I don't remember cleaning my plate anywhere (although I always managed to finish my creme brulee!) :cool1:

    Looking forward to reading more!
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  4. Kimberly815

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    Mar 24, 2005
    Great Review! Thanks for sharing! We are trying Ohana for the first time in September and can't wait!
  5. ycnan

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    May 31, 2007
    Day 5

    Lunch Columbia Harbour House

    We had earlish adrs for dinner at Coral Reef so we decided to share once again.

    We ordered 3 Captain’s Specials, which is fish and chicken strips and fries and shared those for the whole family, which was more than enough. We picked 2 apple turnover/dumpling desserts and one chocolate cake dessert. We preferred the apple dessert.

    Dinner Coral Reef

    This was a great place to eat in scenery alone! Loved the huge turtles, someone had a message delivered by a diver when we were eating. The kids liked to 2 sharks and spent some time looking for the fish they listed in the guide given to each table. There also happened to be 9 divers in the water just before we were ready to go. I asked the waiter and he said it’s part of a Disney extra experience. He said if you are certified to dive they will take you through the tank, for a price (we knew that part but he said it). I also want to mention that no children were up at all during our dinner to see way up close in the tanks. We were the 4th row back (so 2nd tier) and could see just fine. I know there have been many complaints lately about this and it would be very annoying, there isn’t a huge amount of room in between the tables for all the kids in the restaurant. In our case, tho no one’s children were up and in front of the tanks.

    Dh ordered the crab claw salad with help from ds (they were seated next to each other) and after experiencing dd#1’s choice and the buffets I knew this would happen but we also told them in advanced we would always share. Dh ordered the blackened catfish and the chocolate wave.
    I ordered the land and sea as per dd#2 request she was seated by me, the grilled mahi mahi and the chocolate wave.
    Dd#1 ordered the crab claw salad, grilled mahi mahi and chocolate wave
    Ds ordered the lobster soup, grilled chicken, veggies, ice cream sundae
    Dd#2 ordered the same as ds

    It was all very good, dh would say later that the Kona had the best seafood, but he did enjoy our dinner at CR. The kids liked the lobster soup and the crab salad. Dd#2 actaully preferred the crab sald to the land and sea after trying both as did I. The land and Sea was cooked just fine, it just was for lack of a better word “ordinary”.

    The chocolate wave was hit to all. This would be a place we would go back to. I should add I know I say we would go back to so many of them, I owe that to my dis board food junkies with all their great suggestions!! Seriously, you food people rock!

    Day 6

    Blizzard Beach and Lottawatta Lodge for lunch

    Dh had the chicken wrap, chip and the waffle cone for dessert
    I was getting the chicken wrap which dd#2 asked to share she did not care for what the kids menu so we shared that the chips and waffle cone with twist ice cream (the waffle cone is a HUGE dessert!) They told us when we ordered we would go back with the receipt to pick up our dessert when we finished our lunch.
    Dd#1 had the cheeseburger, fries and waffle cone twist (she shared her fries and half her waffle cone with ds)
    Ds picked the turkey sandwich, carrots and grapes

    It was actually pretty good and the treat was an actual waffle cone.

    Dinner was the Fantasmic package at the Hollywood and Vine

    We did well here, there was something for everyone, the kids had the cold shrimp, the seafood alfredo pasta, prime rib, salad and spoon bread. It was a good meal and I like that the package made for late entry with good seats to fantasmic, the Brazilian Tours were there that day and the stadium was packed 2 hours before the show. I would do this combo again. The prime rib was nicely done and the food was different than at the other restaurants/buffets we had already been too. They ran out of chocolate mousse cups for dessert tho.

    Day 7

    Lunch Pecos Bill’s ( we were looking for something that opened earlish, around 11:15-11:30 on this side of the park so Pecos Bill’s it was)

    Dh picked the chicken wrap and strawberry yogurt for his dessert
    I picked the taco salad because it was different then what I had eaten during the week so far and I put extra lettuce on it and tomatoes, onions and salsa and had the peanut butter brownie for dessert
    Dd#1 picked the same as I did
    Ds picked the garden salad with chicken , applesauce and a cookie
    Dd#2 picked the same as ds

    It was ok, ds and dd#2 did not like the fat free ranch dressing so they ate theirs plain. I don’t care for fat free dressing myself. Dh did say the wrap was good. It was nice and had a/c we sat in a side room no one was in yet. So it was quiet for half of our lunch. We were not seated by a CM but we all stood in line together. Actually we got many nice compliments from several CM’s we ordered CSs from, they liked that the kids went one by one and told them their order but they knew in advance we had them pick before we lined up. It worked for us. Then the kids would get the forks, napkins etc and dh and I would carry the trays with the kids to a table. I would rate PB’s as ok, nothing great, nothing bad.

    Dinner Kona

    Best of the non-buffets we ate at. It was better than Coral Reef and Spoodles, that isn’t to gig the other two just better than them.

    Dh ordered the lump crab cakes, macadamia mahi mahi, and the chocolate macadamia nut tart which came with whipped cream and ice cream .
    I ordered the potstickers, the scallops and shrimp and the Kilauea torte
    Dd#1 ordered the sticky wings, scallops and shrimp and the kiddie cone it won her over when she was told it had cotton candy around it…LOL!
    Ds picked the garden salad, grilled chicken and pasta and ice cream sundae
    Dd#2 ordered the same as ds.

    The lump crab cakes were excellent, and dh said that macadamia nute was one way to get extra fat into one’s fish but loved every bite of it. I think he also liked that it was very different. Dd#1 had not had scallops before and these were huge. She liked them but after 2 asked me if I would trade a shrimp for her last scallop. She also picked the breading off her shrimp. But to be fair my 3 children have always picked any coating off any chicken like at a friends house for lunch or whatever, they are not chicken finger/nugget fans. Kona did offer adults only smoothies with dinner the children’s meals were not allowed to have a smoothie. All 3 kids shared the chicken wings, potstickers and tried the crabcakes. This would definitely be a restaurant we return to.

    Day 8

    We had 3 snacks a piece left on the last day (15 snack credits)and 5 CS (one apiece).

    We were at BB in the morning and around 11 stopped for a pretzel with cheese sauce as a snack credit and our lunch. When back at the BC about 1pm we used a 2nd snack credit for gelato. Their gelato is very good and includes the large in the snack plan and the one young lady actually swirls the top of your 2 flavors if you pick 2. About an hour and a half before leaving we had our last CS at the marketplace, dh,dd#1 and I had the roast beef and brie sandwich and chocolate dipped rice crispy treats for dessert to share with the kids. Ds and dd#2 picked the turkey wrap and their 2 sides. This was a good way to eat before leaving for the airport. I also had our last snack credits to use, so at the marketplace the kids wanted the white chocolate dipped marshmallows with the colored sprinkles on the Mickey Mouse straws. They wrapped them for me to take to the airport and even fly home with. Dh and I had one more gelato.

    Our other snack we had during the week included another ice cream morning snack (it is vacation!), dole whip floats (this was so highly recommended by all of you how could we not try it and my kids love pineapple so that was a must right there) and they lived up to the hype, and finally after Fantasmic in the heat we stopped at the store on the corner of the main road in (can't remember it's name) and all got a groumet frozen ice which was a great way to sit back and watch some of the park unload and then walk around some more. This was where we watched the chocolate dipped marshmallows being made, the kids thought it was great that was how they picked that from the Marketplace for the trip home.

    We had great dining experiences. The service for us at all the restaurants was very very helpful and nice. We did not have a bad dining experience in service at any restaurant not even a satisfactory experience, they were all excellent. Dh and I had lunch out today and definitely miss the wait staff we had while in Disney…his comment at the end of lunch today as we went to the car I guess it’s back to reality and no more have a Magical day with smiles all around.

    Something I forgot to add above at Ohana, while we had cousin Brandon who was very nice and friendly, a third person we were introduced too but really was like back-up did stop by and did special things to the kids that the kids liked. It was nice. Brandon also said he works at 2 other restaurants at MK one was Liberty Tree. He was great for the whole Ohana experience. Same with all of the others we had at each place.

    I will answer all the questions if anyone has any.:smickey:
  6. John's Mom

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    Jun 20, 2004
    Thanks for your great reviews!
  7. Schucraig

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    Jan 30, 2004
    Great reviews! I love the key lime pie at Sunshine Seasons too!:thumbsup2
  8. SmallWorld71

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    Feb 10, 2007
    Thanks for the reviews! I, too, will be traveling with 1 "adult" child and 2 "child" children so it was good to see what worked for you family. Like your children, mine are not very picky, so it should work out well. Thanks again.:thumbsup2
  9. Minniespal

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    Jan 14, 2003
    Excellent ~ Thanx for sharing.
  10. Beth E. (NJ)

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    Sep 27, 1999
    Thanks for sharing your reviews! sounds like some great food!
  11. natalielongstaff

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    Apr 7, 2004
    excellant review, thanks :)
  12. Goofy_4_WDW

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    Sep 14, 2005
    I enjoyed reading your review
    Thank You :goodvibes
  13. DaniandNick

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    Jul 17, 2007
    Excellent review, thanks!
  14. septbaby

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    May 23, 2007
    Didn't realize you posted, thanks for sharing!

    We have ADRs at Coral Reef (lunch), Boma and the same H&V package. Hopefully we'll get the vegetarian platter at Tangerine Café too. Not a fan of baklava, but oh well.

    Did you have any breakfast "meals"?

    Sorry to hear of your bus trouble to AKL. We are going right from AK so that should help us.

    Six weeks and counting!
  15. ycnan

    ycnan Mouseketeer

    May 31, 2007
    Not a huge fan of baklava myslef but my kids never tried before and they liked the experience. So it was fine by me. Not that I think they would order it, but they know what it is and tastes like now.

    We opted not to do breakfast, we packed cereal bars and granola bars to eat before we left for the park. We were never hungry. It was enough for us and my kids are pretty big breakfast eaters usually. I think they were just too interested in walking around and seeing everything. And mid0morning ice cream snacks were good ;)

    The bus driver was new I believe, she couldn't have been that bad for that long, it was strange in many ways on that bus trip. The rest of the bus trips were fine.

    Woohoo! Six weeks away is awesome! :woohoo:
  16. wideeyes

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    Dec 22, 2005
    Great reviews:thumbsup2
  17. Busymom85

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    Mar 25, 2007
    Thanks for the great reviews. Can't wait to try Boma.
  18. Pumbaa_

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    Jan 7, 2001
    Nancy, thanks for posting your reviews. All that planning, all those months, all that waiting...sure sounds like it was worth it!:banana:

    So glad hubby liked Kona Cafe. It is one of my favorites. You ordered someof our favorites too (sticky wings and crab cakes!) I haven't tried anything but the mahi mahi there, I may need to try the scallops next time, they do sound yummy.

    Now the big question, planning another trip yet:rolleyes1
  19. MrsPMC00

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    Feb 28, 2007
    Thanks for the reviews. :thumbsup2 We have never tried Sunshine Seasons, but my DH is a key lime pie ADDICT!!!!!!! Where exactly is it in Epcot? :wizard:
  20. disneynewbeemom

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    Jul 17, 2006
    Quick question... At Lottawata Lodge in BB, are the kids also able to get an ice cream as their dessert?
  21. ycnan

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    May 31, 2007
    In the Land Pavillion right next to Soarin

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