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Jul 18, 2000
Well, I can't believe it....I am going to have to post ANOTHER bad report about something at DCA. My wife and I went this morning to DCA to go to the Taste Pilot's Grill for breakfast. It was never anything to write home about, but it was okay. I actually liked the sausage, biscuits and gravy. Well, we went this morning and were told that Taste Pilot's will no longer be offering breakfast. Now the only place that you can get breakfast is at the Pacific Wharf Restaurant. (The place with the clam chowder and salads in the sourdough bowls.) We got there and the menu was as follows:

Scrambled eggs in a bread bowl with bacon and fresh fruit. $5.99

Didn't sound too bad, so we got two of them. Well, as we walked to our table my bacon blew off my tray, hit the ground and shattered into at least 25 pieces. (no exaggeration) Then, the wind blew the pieces into the water. It was surreal. I had bacon, I didn't have bacon. I went back in and told them that the wind took my bacon. They were nice and replaced the bacon. I also told them that I was a little concerned that the bacon "broke" up like a meteorite when it hit the ground. They said that these pieces would be better. I took them back to the table and prepared for my meal. The bacon literally shattered in my mouth. It just broke up.
No big deal. I don't really like bacon anyway. On to the "scrambled eggs". I thought they smelled a little funny, but I dug in. Something wasn't right. I couldn't put my finger on it. My wife did, though. She said "these scrambled eggs taste like hard-boiled eggs." She was right! They were crumbled up yokes from a hard-boiled egg! Yuck! I have NEVER EVER asked for my money back from a meal before, but I did today. I went back and told the manager that I was sorry, but I had to ask for my money back. She was very nice and went right to the register and got it. I appreciated that. She asked what the problem was and I told her about the cremated bacon and the hard-boiled scrambled eggs. She told me that they don't get fresh eggs, they only get hard-boiled eggs to put on their salads. They simply crumble up the yokes and make them look like scrambled eggs. I told her that that was a bad idea to
try selling that. I told her that it would hurt their lunch and dinner business. She agreed and said that they were asked by Disney to provide breakfast because they needed someone in the park to offer breakfast now that Taste Pilot didn't. Oh well, now you can't get breakfast at DCA! What next?!

The good news:

We saw the Monsters Inc. show on the little stage by the waterfall (Wine Pavillion) and our 2 1/2 year old loved it. They got the real actors to do the voices and the costumes looked great. Really a nice little show.

<font color=navy>We were at DCA yesterday. Missed the Monsters Inc show, though we saw Sully being mobbed by kids. Killer winds, huh. We rode CA Screamin' and I almost couldn't breathe with all the wind blowing in my face besides the regular wind you get from the coaster ride.

I hope you wrote a message at Guest Relations. I've never had breakfast at Taste Pilot's Grill, but have been looking forward to trying it out -- bummer.
With DCA opening at 10 AM, I am surprised they even offered breakfast.

The Monsters Inc show was real cute...the children and adults were having a great time!

Doesn't the Storyteller's Cafe serve breakfast? That's right next door.
Yes. They have a subdued character breakfast (in comparison to Goofys Kitchen). It is a simple buffet, but you have the option of ala carte as well. The breakfast potatoes they serve (mixed with grilled veggies) is great!
Wow, I can't believe it, yet another negative post. What a shock. Is it possible for you to ever go there and just sit back and enjoy the fact you are with your family in the happiest place on Earth and not expect everything to be exactly the way *you* like it? I happen to enjoy very crisp bacon for the lack of grease content...and I know I'm not the only one.

I sure hope you don't write this kind of stuff to Celebration...I can see a Disney official standing up at a company breakfast and telling that story about you (not a waitress) dropping your bacon and it shattering and you scrambling along the ground trying to pick up the broken pieces as they fall into the water...and there was joyous laughter.

Yeah, everybody loves their bacon desicated and cremated. I'm sure you would have loved it. I bet you would have REALLY enjoyed the hard boiled egg "scrambled" eggs. Yum yum. As for the Disney brass laughing at they do that before or after they dry their tears from reading how well DCA is doing? Just checking.

Did you not read my thumbs up post about the Monsters Inc show? Or my great experience at Blue Bayou post? Maybe you should read on.

Roy- This one has me at a loss. Bacon that has been crispy fried is extremely light. Its hard to imagine that it would hit the ground with enough force to shatter into 25 pieces, but still be light enough to fly away. (Think of a crispy autumn leaf, extremely brittle, but not heavy enough to hit anything and break...)

I love egg salad sandwiches, but only my own. If its not just right, bleah! So the first thing I do after boiling the eggs is mash them up. All I can really say is that there is no way one could look at those mashed eggs and be fooled for a second into thinking they were scrambled eggs, even with some fruit juice mixed in.

But if this is what happened, so be it. We can rest assured that this restaurant will close as well, since they are trying to pass off chopped hard-boiled eggs as scrambled eggs.

I know you were upset about Taste Pilot's closing for breakfast, but as you have told us many times, they are lucky to get 1000 people in the whole park many days, so it follows that restaruants would be closed until if/when larger crowds arrived.

Its nice to hear you and your child enjoyed the Monsters show. While its still difficult to understand why you continue to go to DCA given your multitude of bad experiences and opinions, it is good to see you attempting to add a little balance...
For once I have to agree with Roy on this one. (at least partly) If they do not have "real" scrambled eggs to serve then they shouldn't advertise them as that. Why not just serve fruit, muffins, danish and the like. This would be very easy for ANY restaurant/counter service to do. I for one would NOT eat at a place that falsely served hard boiled egg crumbles as scrambled eggs. GROSS!!
Why attack the messenger??? he is ofering his opinion of a experience he had and you can agree or disagree with it but no reason to attack the messenger!!!
Originally posted by Bob O
Why attack the messenger???

Bob, In this case I think it is because Roy never has anything but negative things to say about DLR but continues to go back and post about his horrible experience. As one poster said it is as if he goes to FIND bad things to post about. Makes ya wonder if he works for universal or something :)
A good friend of mine made those Monsters, Inc. costumes. I'll forward along your comments to him.

Party Teacher
Yeah, the costumes looked great! They really did a good job of making the characters look how they did on screen, which I would assume is a difficult task since they are CG in the movie! My daughter loved it!

As to WDW's comments about me "always going to find the negative" that's totally false. I try to go with a positive attitude. That is what makes this ALL THE MORE troubling for me. I seem to find something bad lately EVERYTIME I go to DL or DCA. That's actually my point. It seems that there has definitely been a change of direction lately at the parks. My wife agrees with me. Shorter hours, closed rides, closed restaurants, bad food, etc. This is something that we have only noticed recently, I would say the last year or two. I just want Disney to realize that we they aren't pulling the wool over our eyes with these cuts. It will come to a point when we say "enough already" and we don't make Disney such an important part of our lives. Is this board for sharing the good and the bad? or is it just a "cheerleading" board or a big advertisement for Disney? I USED to mostly only post good things about what I saw because I mostly only saw good things. I still post positive things that I see, Blue Bayou and Monsters Inc. come to mind, but lately there has definitely been more bad then good. I'm not trying to bash Disney here. I'm just asking...Is it just me that's noticing this?



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