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    We are staying at the BC on 6/24-6/29. Prior to the BC we are staying two nights at Universal, 6/22 & 6/23. Here is my issue. I got cheap airfare for 6/21, so we book and are coming down a day early. We booked the Holiday Inn near Disney Springs for $100, we won't arrive until after dinner so we didn't want to waste money on an expensive hotel. Since this Holiday Inn is a member of the "Good Neighbor' program, can I book my FPs for my 6/24-6/29 stay 60 days from the 6/21 arrival date even though I'll be staying 2 nights at Universal before I arrive back at the BC? I hope that was clear.

    6/21 - Holiday Inn Good Neighbor hotel --60 day FP window is 4/22
    6/22-6/23 Universal
    6/24-6/29 Beach Club ------60 day FP window is 4/25

    Can I book FP for 6/24-6/29 on 4/22?
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    No. You have the Uni stay between the two Disney related stays.

    You’ll have to wait until 60 days prior to the BC stay.

    The FP FAQ on the Theme Parks board has Split Stay info. Yours are 2 separate stays - not consecutive splits.
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    Good Neighbor Hotels DO NOT get FP+ at 60 days.

    That info was put out there by a large blogger site and it was incorrect information.

    Checking the link above will direct you to the non-Disney hotels that do get the 60 day perk.
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