Good meals at Cape May and T-Rex!

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Claire&TheBoys, Jun 1, 2009.

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    Feb 17, 2007
    We just got back from 5 days in The World and only ate 2 TS meals the whole trip -- we were focused on the parks this time and traveling with a big group.

    We ate at Cape May Cafe on Friday night. We all enjoyed it. One member of our group was from New England and had an uncle who was a clammer -- she said the clams were excellent. We enjoyed the fried tilapia, as well, and quite a few of the crab legs were eaten by our group of 14! The biggest downside was that we were in the small room off to the side by the dessert table and there was a neighboring table with 2 screaming kids. We had 3 kids under 5 at our table, but none of them were loud. This table had 2 kids, 2 and 1, and when the mom walked in we heard her tell her kids, "It's OK to be loud in here, this is the baby room." And her 2-yr-old boy screamed a lot of the way through dinner. It was awful. The 1-yr-old girl cried off and on, but the boy absolutely wailed most of the time they were there and the parents just ignored him. It did not make for a pleasant dining experience for us. We were all happy when they left.

    We ate at T-Rex before we left yesterday. We got in line a few minutes before they opened and were seated as soon as they opened. The seater saw our table assignment and said, "You have the best table in the house!" It was a round booth in the Ice Room next to the Triceratops dino. The food was good, if a little expensive. My oldest had the cheese pizza and ate every crumb. My youngest had the chicken dinos and ate about 3 of the 8 (big serving!). Our group shared an appetizer of the nachos, which was huge, and good, but should have been hotter. The chips were cold. Two members of our party had burgers and said they were good; two had some kind of chicken sandwich in pizza dough - again, HUGE - and said they were excellent. My husband's Country Fried Steak was OK, but not the best he'd ever had. I had the quesadillas off the appetizer menu as my entree and they were good and the portion was again, huge -- 6 halves. We all had to have to-go boxes.

    We had a lot of CS meals while we were in the parks. Electric Umbrella was incredibly slow and probably the least favorite meal we ate. Sunshine Seasons was good - we always enjoy their food.
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    Does Cape May usually have crab legs? I hadn't heard of that before.
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    We have both of these on our ADR list so I'm glad to hear your review!

    Cape May has crab legs right now as a test market, according to a recent post.


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