Good casual place to eat at seaworld?


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Jan 16, 2001
Hi: Looking for a nice indoor casual place to eat while at seaworld. Looking for pizza, hamburgs, chicken fingers, submarine sandwiches, club sandwich type of food etc. Thanks

The Anhesier-Busch Hospitality Center has some great sandwiches and they are filling too. Once I had a coupon for a free desert and I could hardly finish the desert! :)
Yes, and seconding the Hospitality Center. First you get in line for your two free Beers... (or the frozen "hard" lemonade.. YUM!)

We got club sandwiches and they were huge! The sides were nice fresh red skinned potato salad, and a HUGE pickle piece. I couldn't hardly finish!

The also had a fresh roast beef sliced before you.

I'll third that.

Two free beer samples, then you eat. Get in line at 11am or 2pm, because the place is packed at noon. I suggest 11am. Seems early for lunch, but by the time you get a couple beer samples, order your food, and find a table, the place will be filling up fast. After you eat, you can relax by looking at the clydesdales, or walking to the next Shamu show.
Hi: We like to eat early anyways, hey sounds like fun would love to see the horses. Is this an airconditioned restaurant?

I'd also recommend the Hospitality centre, there is some seating inside ( with aircon) but this does get busy. There are also seats outside around a small lake which , apart from summer, is a really nice shady place to take lunch. As has been said a couple of free samples of the produce of Anhauser Busch don't go amiss either ;) LOL

Hey, she could also go to "beer school" and get 5, yes 5 samples of beer, and then get the sandwiches. Yes, the beer school room is air conditioned as well.
Hi: Sounds like they treat you great at seaworld. I don't drink but when I told hubby about complimentary beer he said Yea, so he will take his two beers. I am interested in eating and seeing the horses (clydesdales sp?) Now I am trying to find a nice onebedroom suite nearby. Thanks everyone, you guys are great.

The nice one bedroom suite is at the Renaissance Resort, which is literally across the street from the SWF parking lot. You'll have to check their rates. During the holidays, they drop them. I went last July 4th and got a great rate.{512E4502-4242-4BF6-B2DF-F292AD71D6BD}

If you go on the SWF web site, you click on the Plan a Vacation link, Preferred Hotels, a page comes up telling you to click, you do, then all the hotels appear with prices next to them.
Try this link.
Now, you can lookup each hotel getting the address. In another window with up, I type in the address and see how far away it is from SWF. Then in another browswer window, I goto the hotel site directly and book it.

I've stayed at the Renaissance, it is the best if you want to be next to SWF and you can afford it.
TWO BEERS?? How did you get two beers?? I tried to get a second beer from a completely different bartender and he knew I already got one freebe!!

It is a great place to cool off and get some good food.
My DH had no problem getting two beers.. (but I was standing next to him)

I ordered two by myself and had no problem!


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