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Discussion in 'Teen Disney' started by cindys_castle2011, Oct 21, 2008.

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    Hello :-)

    Uhm, if anyone remembers I posted a thread about two weeks ago talking about how, two of my friends got injured doing a football game. Well we had a home game the past Friday night. Both of the boys were there, but of coarse they can't play anymore for the season. Well Dustin (the one that didn't get it that bad) walked up to me, and was like HEYYY KELSI!!! so I was so glad that he remembered me! When you get a concussion you loose your memory, so obviously he has his back. I almost cried when he said my name, it meant so much. Well heres the sad part, the other one, Damien was standing literally like 10 feet away from me and my friend, we both talked to him everyday all day before that he got hurt, and he didn't even notice us. But he texted both of us the day after the accident. Well I texted him and was like come here, he said where yall at? I was like right behind you, he turned around and gave us like a confusing look and walked over here and started talking to us.. we talked for a while, and he was acting fine. Then when the game was over we walked on the field with him, and walked over to his mom.. and she was seeing if he knew who we was, so she was like who are these girls, and he got like a completely clueless look on his face and said uhh moma I dont know, and I was like uhm? I'm kelsi.. she said Damien you dont know them? He was like nahh moma I dont. Then he texted my friend on the way home and was like truthfully I dont know who yall are, that was really hard on us. But the weird thing is he says that he doesn't even remember us talking at the game, but we was texting like this morning and he asked me how long me and my boyfriend had been dating. we didn't talk about him at all until that game.. so its like he remembers little stuff at different times. I hope this doesn't last long, I know it has to hurt him a lot worse than its hurting all of us.
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    Aw, that's really upsetting. Hopefully it get's better!
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    Aww Kelsi I am so sorry! :hug: Unforuantly I have to see this a lot (since Im an athletic trainer, you know the people that rushed out onto the feild when they got hurt) It's always very hard to deal with, especially when you are close to the person. He should regain much of his memory soon though. One of the guys at the college that I work for had several concussions. He's like my big brother now, but after his concussions he could not remember who I was for a few days. It was awful. PM me if you want to talk!!!

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