Gone on the Wanyama Safari lately?

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    If so, I was wondering what the dinner at Jiko included. Last time I went on the Wanyama Safari, Kidani was just in the process of being built, and I THINK there was a different Chef at Jiko. We had filet with macaroni and cheese and then pistachio-chocolate creme brulee for dessert, 2 offerings which I don't think are offered now. So what are the meal choices now? And since the Kidani savannahs are now available and included, I'd really appreciate any reviews of the experience.
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    We were there in May 2010, so this is a dated review. The meal included an amouse bouche, the filet with mac n cheese, a tandoori chicken with unusual Ethiopian spices (cannot for the life of me remember the name), and a fish dish. We had a trio of desserts. The chef came out and spoke with us and even prepared a special vegetarian dinner (appetizer and main course) for one participant. IIRC you don't need info about the wine pairings (but they were good ;))

    Touring the Kidani end of the savannas, and even Pembe were, as the ad says, priceless!

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