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    Jul 29, 2001
    How do you set up Disney transportation from your resort to the golf course; as well as return to your resort after golfing? How early will they pick you up? I want to be at the course by 0700. Will they pick up my 3 guests at SOG? They are not DVC members, if that means anything. I'm staying at OKW, and playing at LBV.
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    Feb 6, 2000
    DH and DS would just go to the valet desk. They would hail the cab and give them a voucher to use for the free cab ride to the course. Since there are no valets at OKW, bell services may be able to assist you.

    I am not sure if the free ride is offered by the resorts or the golf course. If it is the resorts, my guess is SOG guests will not have this perk. But if the golf course is the one providing the perk, it should work the same way for them. You may want to call the golf starter #- 407-WDW-GOLF. They should be able to tell you if SOG guests get the voucher.

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    Did I hear Arnold Palmer's company is taking over all the Disney courses?
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    Free transportation to and from the courses for anyone staying on property, DVC or resorts...not sure if SOG or Swan and Dolphin qualify. They will also keep the clubs if you are golfing at another course later in the week, and transport them to the next course.:worship: Glad to have clubs out of our room. You go to either valet or the luggage area. They will give you a voucher to give the cab.
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    Yes and redoing the Palm course.

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