Going to Vegas in July, deals to be had since it is "off season"?

Discussion in 'Las Vegas' started by The Mystery Machine, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. The Mystery Machine

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    Jan 4, 2001
    Wow.... how awesome a Vegas board!!!! Who knew?

    I have wanted to go to Vegas forever and dh is finally going to indulge me. We will be married 20yrs in Dec. so this is my gift.;)

    We are going in July because our dd's will be gone elsewhere. Oldest dd who is a freshman in college is going to China and younger dd 7th grade is going to a scholar program and staying at a university dorm for 3 weeks. So we are FREE FREE FREE.:yay:

    I guess my question for this board is how cheap can you get a nice hotel in July? Should you wait for the deals, sign up, etc? Or try and score a deal thru expedia, etc?
  2. KKB

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    Feb 11, 2005
    Weekends are more expensive, but if you can go Sun-thurs, you will nab very nice rooms with great locations for around $100/nt or less. Since it is your first trip, I highly recommend you stay on the strip, and I recommend midstrip. If a pool is important, Mirage is a nice property w/ a great pool tho it can get crowded early in the summer. and very cheap rates. MGM is another excellent choice w/ a great pool. I have not typically recommended Monte Carlo but they have been running under $50/nt and photos of the pool look very nice. (nice resort...just have always felt there were other reasons to stay at other resorts...but their rates have been killer lately)
    Summer deals won't typically come out until May, maybe even June. (most of what I am seeing right now is for April, few even for May yet). But if you reserve a fully refundable rate (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) you can keep your eye out for deals & rebook if you find a terrific deal (heck, I rebooked 3 different resorts for the trip we just returned from!)
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    Go to smartervegas.com, sign up for the emails and your recieve great deals!

    I don't know how much you plan on spending a night,

    but currently The Mirage is on offer from $57 a night - great location!
    MGM Grand from $55
    The new Aria at the Citycentre from $109

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