Going over July 4th - Do we NEED hoppers??


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Feb 1, 2006
When we were there last fall (9 nights at CBR) we never used the hopper option on our tickets once! This time around I was hoping to just get base tix, but with the summer crowds will hoppers be a necessity?
If you didnt hop before you prolly won't have to hop this time that is all dependent on your plan for vacationing, We hopped all 8 days we were in the parks last year.
This will be one of the busiest times in the parks. You also have extended hours as well. You may find that you will want to hop more often especially if the park you chose for the day is unbearably crowded. Go ahead and buy the base ticket. You can always add the park hopper at guest services:goodvibes
We got hoppers for our trip in December but didn't end up using them at all in 9 days. The parks were mostly only open until 7:00 p.m. and we didn't want to waste time switching parks.

If we went during the summer when the parks were open much later, we would probably hop at least a few times. Since you're going during a crowded week, you might want the option of hopping. If one park starts getting insanely crowded or you just decide you've had enough of it for the day, you might want to hop over to another park.

Thanks guys! With the possibility of parks being super crowded or even closed due to capacity, I think we'll probably end up springing for hoppers.

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Don't be surprised if the parks fill to capacity on the 4th.

That fact alone may be justification for hoppers. If Mk filled to capacity and you happened to leave for a while, you may not get back in. Therefore you would want/need to go to another park.

If MK fills to capacity, you may want to go to another park. MK at full capacity is not a lot of fun. Last 4th MK filled first, AK second and MGM third. Only Epcot was fully available all day.

As a WDW resort guest, you are guaranteed admission to A park, but it might not be the one that you want.
Do we NEED hoppers??

Unless, like me, you CHOOSE to "hop," every single day...

1) The only reason for this question regards saving money if the option is unneeded. (A pretty good reason!)

2) The answer to whether you will ever NEED hopping will not be known until some point during your trip, so...

3) Don't buy the option, UNLESS you find you NEED to hop.

4) The price is the same, whenever you buy it.

6) It takes only a minute or two to buy the upgrade.

Have a great trip!

We'll be there the same time (July 2 -14)!!! I didn't buy the park hoppers either. We used to park hop all the time, but on our last few trips, we haven't been. We just go to the park, take our mid-day break, and usually went back to the same park (or just stayed at the hotel and swam!)!!!

If the need really comes up, I'll just add it when we're there. But right now, we're not really planning to park hop!

Enjoy your trip!!!! Maybe we'll see ya around!


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