Going down Saturday


Go Tribe!!!
Apr 8, 2000
yikes! I feel not at all organized this year.

My DS just got his new wheelchair yesterday - I hope it's fitted all right!!!! we'll soon see. I'm really pleased the seat is vinyl and not that nasty uncleanable material of whatever it is. However, I'm worried the seat will get hot. Anyone have experience with this?

The good news is - -

1 - the chair is LIME GREEN! I didn't pick it out and I found it amazing that my DH picked DIS colors that he knows nothing about!!

2 - DS has this new gizmo that goes around his head somehow to keep him above water. My DH tells me he goes crazy with it in the pool at school. Can't wait to see that!

Look for a red-head in a lime green chair - or laughing like crazy in the pool at OKW!


SueM in MN

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Aug 23, 1999
Very cool. I guess that lime green is a hot color for guys.

My DD's first wheelchair when she was really little had a vinyl seat. It didn't get as hot as we expected, but we kept a towel to put over it when she was out of it and it sat in the sun. A hand towel is about the right size for a small wheelchair. If you have any extra time (yeah, right. I saw you are leaving Saturday), you can make a quick tie on seat cover using a hand towel and 2 -4 shoelaces. Fold a shoelace in half and sew one to each corner of the towel an inch or so in rom the corner. That makes a tie that you can tie around the canes (those upright pieces at the back of the wheelchair) or anything else that is accessible on both sides. You can add ties to the front so it can be attached to the front of the chair too. You do have to watch out for wrinkles when you put him in, but at least he won't burn his legs on hot plastic.
I think my DD used the smae kind of pool float you are talking about when she took swimming in school. It worked pretty well.

have fun!!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Go Tribe!!!
Apr 8, 2000
I will do that - or assign it to my sister who has the sewing machine in the family! She's not coming down till Sunday and has only herself to prepare for. I know she loves to help me ha ha!!! (No really, she does!)

oh my gosh, it's going to be tomorrow already! I feel like the White Rabbit!!!!

Sue :tongue:


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Mar 10, 2001
Hope you're having a good time down there--
Just had to reply to the lime green w/c-- son just got a new one and really wanted PINK-- dad said no to that (!), so it's a cool blue with sparkles. Did get pink gel in his hair at the Main Street Barber Shop the other day-- he looked awesome!


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