Gluten Free Diet


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Aug 13, 1999
Has anyone with this diet restriction visited Disneyland and do you have any suggestions on the best places to eat?

Thanks :)

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Hey, Kelsie!
This is a very good question. I will ask over on the disABILITIES board in case anyone over there knows.

At WDW, the sit-down restaurants will prepare any special diet meals with 24 hour advance notice, even go so far as to consult with dieticians. The buffeterias and counter-service places do not have this capability. I woudl assume that there are similar arrangements at the resort restaurants at Disneyland. ???

Here is a link to a Gluten Free Diet Thread

and another about experiences with special diets at WDW restaurants


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I don't know the answer for sure either, but it makes sense that they would do the same as at WDW.

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