Glow Party/Meetup Sat Aug 10 (Planning Thread)


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Jun 30, 2013
Hi DISers! I'm super excited for our upcoming DISmeet in August. There's a few unofficial events being coordinated for those of us that want to get together in between other official events. This thread is to help plan, share ideas and coordinate for the "Get your Glow" meet-up before the Pandora Party. If you'd like to co-host (help set-up, help mingle, help clean-up) please chime in here, or PM me.

Current Info*
Location: Victoria Falls, Animal Kingdom Lodge
Date: Sat Aug 10
Time: 8pm-10pm
Who can attend:
It's a public bar area. Anyone can come, and minors need to have adult guardian present. We are not providing any oversight for your youngling. Please be mindful if you are wearing DIS credentials that your words/actions reflect well on your community. :lovestruc
*subject to change pending discussion. Time/Location will be set before August 1.

Questions for thread. Please feel welcome to respond to any of these questions that resonate with you. Please feel welcome not to respond to the questions and just offer your own ideas/thoughts/questions for the community:

- Do you already have items that you're bringing that could use extra glow flair? What extra flair is interesting to you?

- Do you plan to use UV reactive paint on your party outfit or accessory? Are you interested in using UV reactive paint on your accessory?

- What kind of glow accessory do you think would be fun for us to make or order ahead of time to assemble/ put-on at the party?
(Please keep in mind we cannot use IP of businesses, i.e.; we cannot say "Pandora,""Disney," "DIS," "DISunplugged" etc. We can be fans, but we cannot use their IP without explicit permission in advance.)

- Does Victoria Falls work for a pre-party meet-up? (To me the Falls offers the most flexibility to come & go, and can include families that don't have party or park credentials. DAK closes at 9pm, Rainforest Cafe closes at 10pm and requires reservations, Party line-up is at 10:30pm. Thought I'd ask in case I'm missing something more obvious/easier for folks.)

- Do you plan to carpool/Minnie van to DAK? Would you participate in an advance reservation to transport to DAK? Other transit ideas?

- I plan to collaborate wherever possible with the AKV food/beverage & DIS to identify any concerns. (Other than the obvious, don't make a mess; don't be a jerk; tip your bartender; be the light you want to see in the world.... etc) I don't want to assume plans without checking in along the way. It might be they don't care, but in case they do, it's better to chat in advance. Any other leadership groups that would be good to check-in with?

- Are you interested in co-hosting? (help set-up, help mingle, help clean-up)

- Are you interested in helping to order/create flair that glows?


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Jun 30, 2013
Hey y'all. Just a FYI update while I recover from Galaxy's Edge --> Pride Weekend #1 & prep for Pride Weekend #2.

I'm waiting for the official dates/activities before I press on with planning. In the meantime, to let you know what's buzzing in my beehive, here's my initial thoughts about getting together @ Victoria Falls.
- 80% Casual hang-out social, get a drink, chat about the DIS, life and whether honey is a food dish or additive.
- 20% Arts/Crafts at 1-2 high top tables, covered with plastic tablecloth for easy clean-up. Arts/Crafts by RSVP only from 8-9pm to assure distribution to folks that sign up, and free-for-all from 9pm-10pm. Toss all unused arts/crafts, unless a DISer wants to take it with them at the end.

What kind of Arts/Crafts? I'm thinking glow stick things and UV reactive paint, because more glowy things at night = More Fun! Once I get through Pride Weekend #2, I'll focus on choosing some Arts/Crafts. I want to have any orders placed by the week of July 8th. I have a limited to budget to supply arts/crafts, but perhaps collaborating might offer some unique ideas and options!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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