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Nov 15, 2000
We are a family of 6 making our first trip to Disney in May. My children are 3,5,7,9. My question is...should I buy a ticket for my 3yr old who is small for her age? I already know from taking her to local amusement parks that she will not ride too many things (probably the same for my 5 yr old too) she is scared very easily. What about PS at the breakfast and dinners we have booked. Should we pay for a child who doesn't eat at home so I know she will not eat there. We have been saving for this trip for years and I want to do the right thing but it seems a bit expensive for a 3yr old. Any opinions?
I believe if you check the Disney Web Site, you will find out that children 3 and under do not need a ticket. As with any 3 year old they need their rest and naps. Be sure to plan your day around that. You can go to the parks in the AM, come back to the site and let the older kids have a swim while the 3 year old naps, etc.


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We took our daughter to Disney at age 3 and we were just barely able to afford the trip so we fudged it a bit and did not pay for her. We were there for a week and were never asked how old she was but we were prepared to say "Her birthday is next week". We went to the parks, water parks and the Luau. She had a free kids meal and didn't eat much at all so I didn't feel bad. I can't believe they charge for kids 3 years old anyhow! The child's ticket is age 3-9. I know, because my daughter is now 10 and we had to pay the adult price last fall :) Your family will be paying enough money for this vacation. I certainly would not feel guilty for sneaking by a small 3 year old who hardly eats a thing. You will probably find that a majority of people with a small 3 year old or a small 10 year old (to not pay adult prices) would do the same thing.

Have a great trip!
Thanks for the info...I figured we were spending so much money at WDW anyway that it shouldn't matter...but that mom guilt always sets in. Can't wait to get to FW and get the pop-up all set up. It will be our first camping trip for this season. What a way to start the camping season!

We went to Disney in Feb 1994 when my oldest son was 3 - he would of turned 4 on March 1st! We were never asked about his age, even though I was expecting someone to since he was a big boy (he was off the charts for both height and weight!). I wouldn't worry about it. We went this past year, and got his his "child's" ticket for the last time - he turned 10 last year!

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Usually you get screamed at for asking this question! The camping board must be friendlier than some of the others.

For our trip last year in January, my daughter had turned 3 in November, and we paid for her, because she looked 3, I didn't think she could pass for 2. I was afraid of being at the parks and someone not letting her in because we didn't have a ticket for her. All of my kids are very large though, so I'm prepared to take my middle sons birth cert with us next year when he is 9, because right now he is 8 and is 5' 1" and 140 lbs. They'll never believe he's 9


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