Give Kids the World - Power of 10 Threads

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Jun 27, 2005
The success of the various Power of 10 events to benefit Give Kids the World has been wonderful. To date, we have raised over $80,000 to help children with life-threatening illnesses enjoy some time away from the stress of hospitals and medical treatments. Great!

In order to help everyone promote and advertise future fundraisers, please note the following:

  • GKTW fundraiser threads should be posted on the sub-forum.

  • When an event is one week away, the thread will be moved by the moderator and stuck to the top of the main forum on the Unplugged board. Any related events and their deadlines will be consolidated into a separate thread and placed on the main forum.

This process will help get the word out while keeping everyone's ideas in the forefront. It will also keep information organized in one location. Remember to check the List of Events thread regularly; you never know when an event might be happening near you!
Not open for further replies.