Girls! Recommended shirts


DIS Veteran
Nov 12, 2003
I went to target and they have tank tops (with wide straps) and they have built in bras. I really like wearing them to the parks. I bought a size smaller so there would be better support. You can buy them in many different colors. At my target they are kinda off to the side and if you didn't know where they were you would almost miss them. They are only like 8 dollars. They dry fast too.
Also, breezie bras are great for parks! They have a lining that rem oves moisture and they are very supportive.
I know that a lot of women struggle with this type of thing. I Have for years, but after finding these two things, I am a happy camper in the hot florida weather!!:cool1: :sunny:


Boy mom/twin mom
Apr 28, 2001
yes, i love these tank tops. You do have to worry about sun burn. But they dry soooo quick.


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