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Mar 4, 2019
Does Disneyland Paris have particularly unique merchandise in its gift shops? Or is it pretty much the same stuff as at WDW?
Tink's answer pretty much says it all. There is a lot of DLP branded items and a lot of the same stuff you find in the parks and stores stateside. I did notice a lot more Aristocats merchandise there
I think besides the Disneyland Paris branded merchandise, most is very generic. However, I think if you go into a themed area that's unique to DLP, like the Ratatouille area, you might find more unique items there.

What you can do is follow ED92 on social media, like Facebook. They have (almost) daily reporters in the park, from time to time these also make pictures of merchandise in the park. If you scroll through the last few days, you will find pictures of all the Aladdin merchandise that is released fo the movie. Today they show special caps, tshirts, the Cinderella carriage popcorn carrier.

It's a French channel, but pictures are easy enough to understand :)
Just to clarify, you can find “Disney Parks” merchandise in Disneyland Paris. Most of these will also be found at WDW and DLR (this is why those items are labelled in French and have “CE” markings, according to EU regulation, even in the US).

There is also a good chunk of merchandise that is unique to DLP, and with the logo “Disneyland Paris”. Sometimes, they are close in look to some other Disney Parks merchandise, sometimes, they are completely unique. This is obviously the case of some “Parisian” merch, such as the “Minnie parisienne” collection, but not only. For example, these Simba ears are marked “DLP”:


In the past, there were few “Disney Parks” merchandise. Over the time, we've got more and more coming in, which was actually nice, because many thought they were actually “nicer” and “more polished” that the “DLP” merchandise. However, in the last few years, DLP quality has stepped up, and this is no longer the case.

One last word, there are some brands that work closely with DLP, similar to Dooney & Bourke in the USA. You can find bags, and fashion, such as for example Eleven Paris:

Speaking of it, Shop Disney is a nice website where you can actually browse some of the merchandise sold at DLP. Not everything is there, but nice to browse for some stuff that will be available on site when you'll get here:


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