Gift baskets?


Earning My Ears
Dec 18, 2001
My aunt, brother and sil will be joining my family for their first trip to WDW in the Spring. I'd like to surprise them and have a small gift basket waiting for them when we check into VWL. I was thinking that it would be fun to have the personalized Mickey ears and GOH badges for them, plus some other small items. Does anyone know how this could be arranged long distance?
Give Cindy at a try. She arranged a surprise for our friends at Christmas and they're STILL enjoying it!
pixie gifts starts at $75, so that might be a bit too much if you're only looking for a few things. We plan on having baskets waiting for our kids when we check in, and are getting them though
It was my understanding that Jane wasn't doing gift baskets anymore. Has that changed? All I saw on her website were Easter baskets (which were also very expensive for what was in them).

You could also try We used her last year at Easter and it was very reasonable! She will put anything you want into it and any budget! Hope this helps.:D
That sounds like a GREAT idea.... I would love to do this as well... my parents are going with us Feb 8th - 16th and they haven't been in 20 years.... I checked out and prices were reasonable.... but does anyone know if you can get the items delivered to your hotel for when you get there??? Any other suggestions of what to do???


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