Genting sues Disney and Fox over BOC


Aug 20, 2018

So this has already sparked debate about whether or not the termination of the contract for Genting to build a Fox-themed resort in Malaysia is down to Disney suddenly deciding that they felt uncomfortable with it due to the idea of a resort being situated in a casino resort, yet at the same time, Fox has tonnes of franchises that aren't considered 'family-friendly' by Walt Disney Company standards.


Jul 30, 2011
This line "Additionally, Genting’s resort has a casino included which conflicts with Disney’s family-friendly brand strategy" reads as if it's some sort of fact/rationale for the suit but I'm pretty sure it's just an offhanded comment/opinion of the writer. Which doesn't provide any merit to the story itself. But yet, people will take that one line and run with it. I find that misleading and unnecessary speculation in what should have been a simple "just the facts, ma'am" report.


DIS Veteran
Aug 13, 2013
Once I read that part of the reason Fox is dismissing this was, genting has been dragging their feet trying to get this open. As someone who has followed this project from day one, I’m with fox on this. I think the original opening was supposed to be in 2015. They’re saying late 2019 at the earliest. I’m not a legal expert here so I’m expecting a lot of replies calling me an idiot for not taking gentings side, but I can’t help but glare at genting here thinking how slow construction has been...


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