Genie plus glitch (purchasing day of park visit)


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Apr 16, 2007
Driving to Disney this morning with my kiddo and it’s 3:55am here. Went on MDE to add my Genie+ and nothing happens when I try to add it on. I have a valid park reservation for MK today and we have brand new (not yet activated) AP. I am really freaking out. I have tried restarting my phone, using my iPad..nothing happens. Glitch? What is the easiest/fastest way to add if? Staying at GF, will they help me there or should I go to guest services at MK? I won’t be there until 8:30-9am.

Edited to add that at 7am, I tried to book a lightning lane and it prompted me to purchase Genie+, so it worked that way. I spoke to guest services while activating our new APs and he told me that everything is glitchy and I should update my iphone.


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