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    Honeymoon Offsite Aug 1-10


    Hi friends;
    Im going on my honeymoon August 1-10, offsite (Grosvenor in DTD), im on a budget.
    Wedding is on July 30 and arrives to the World on afternoon August 1 (El Paso-Houston-Orlando)
    We´re from México and want to enjoy our trip, please give us opinions and tips to make this the best trip of all.
    I have a lot of questions, about the trip, the trasportation, the dinner places, the things to do, etc, for instance:

    1) My hotel is in front of DTD, can I get in the morning the bus from DTD to SSR and from there to the parks? or have to use the hotel own trasportation?
    2) As I return from any park, can use the Disney Trasportation System to return to DTD and to the resorts just for touring?
    3) Please recommend me romantic places to dinner in the parks and in DTD
    4) If I dont have priority reservations can I get a seat in good restaurants (table services) or only have the chance to dinner in counter services?
    5) What about the Iluminations cruise? How much is it? Can I get the day I visit Epcot or need to do a reservation?
    6) What are the most romantic places to visit in WDW?
    7) Whats better; to rush from one attraction to another or to relax watching and walking around the parks?
    8) Obviously we dont going to see or do anything, but what are the "must to" for a honeymoon trip?
    9) We´re pooh lovers, where in WDW can we find souvenirs, pins, or anything related with pooh? even rides and atracttions
    10) Fastpass question: lets supose that i get a fastpass for space mountain at 10 am and return hour is 1 pm, can I get for a 2nd fastpass for other attraction at 10:30 am or need to wait until get the first ride after the 1 pm (returning time of the 1st ride)
    11) Im kind of big:220 lbs, 6 ft, is there a problem with the size of the seats for the rides?
    12) What about the waterparks? In Mexico isnt common to show your belly (specially a big belly), what about this in WDW (TL or BB) is usual to see big people there or only athletic and skiny ones
    13) In general, are the rides in WDW more o less thrill than in Six Flags for instance?
    14) Excluding the admission ticket and the parking, what is the average cost for a day park? (lunch, snacks, dinner, and some souvenirs).

    Please help me with those questions. Thanks
    Saludos from Mexico
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    First, Welcome!

    I'll try to answer some of your questions. Keep reading the Boards for lots of helpful tips!

    I would try to get some reservations for some sit down meals before you leave. It is always nice to have a cool quiet place to eat when it is so hot outside. Anice romantic choice might be the Rose and Crown at Epcot, or La Cellier at Epcot. You can check out the menus at

    I doubt you will have any luck getting an IlluniNations cruise at the late date, they go pretty fast. But it never hurts to ask. You might try doing a search here to see if any Diser has an open spot on an already booked boat.

    Afun way to meet Pooh is the Crystal Palace character meal. A bit expensive but fun and good food too. Be sure to fastpass the pooh ride in MK!

    For fastpass look at the bottom of the fastpass, it will tell you when you can get the next one. It is usually at the return time or 2 hours after you got the fastpass.

    Check out the budget board for ideas of how much a day costs and how to save money! We plan about $50 per person for lunch and snacks, dinner, water etc., but it can be much less.

    I get to visit Mexico in Oct. and am really looking forward to the beach. I hope you enjoy Orlando! :goodvibes
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    Oct 26, 2000
    1. yes but this is not an easy walk at all. better to take your resorts transportation it will probably be longer - but much less of a walk. alot less.

    2. yes all you need is a wdw park ticket to use wdw transportation. I would go tour the mk monrail resorts first!!! then maybe the epcot resorts.

    3. the restuarant in Mexico, San Angel Inn; Canada, Le Cellier; France's Bistro de Paris all in Epcot.
    mk - nothing - however you can take a boat to WL and eat at Artist Point (dinner only), I also like Kona Cafe at the Polyn (take the monrail). Not really romantic - but very nice.

    4. depends upon the time of year you are going. Some sit down restuarants are fairly easily to get - Morocco - Norway use to be easy but WDW make it a character dinning and now it is really hard to get. So that depends. You can make PS reservations 90 days before your arrival you don't need to be staying at WDW hotel to do this. 1-407-Wdw-dine

    5. illiuinations cruise are very, very difficult to get. on over on the theme park forum and look for information there. You might be able to share one with someone else and save you money. This is expensive!!!

    6. I like the WDW hotels. but that is probably too far out of your way.
    mk - the rose garden down from the castle on the way to Tomorrowland.
    the little shaded area over in liberty tree. MK has lots of romatic areas but these aren't what they appear. Many times these are the short cuts and are busy, busy, busy.... remember there are camera everyWHERE at WDW. just because you can't see one doesn't mean they aren't there...

    7. I enjoy taking my time. but sometimes it is hard to resist the pull to do all the stuff you can. but I have been a ton of times....

    8. completely depends upon you. some couples just try to see and do everything. others only go to the parks a day or two in a week. still others do something in depend. so ask on the honeymoon/wedding forum.

    9. there is a Pooh ride with a gift shop where the rides ends. there is also a character meals at Crystal Palace in the MK for Pooh and friends. This is very, very popular so make your reservations as soon as you can. this is one of the few places where walk in are send back. so if you intend to eat here get a ps.

    10. no sure of this one - I think you can get another fast pass in 2 hours - so that would be noon. however there was a post yesterday on fast pass and how to get the system to work. find it.

    11 the only one my brother has trouble with is big thunder mountain MK and the new RR at Studios. Of course he hasn't ridden test track, Mission;Space or Soarin' I don't think he will have a problem with any of these - WDW knows that big people LOVE their park and try to accomodate everyone. (believe me I am not little by any means...)

    12. if you want to go to a water park will see all kind of shapes at WDW parks and water parks. 60% of the US population is overweight.

    13. some are more but probably more are less. WDW is not into thrill rides. they are into theme rides. their rides MUST tell a story. they can't just put up a RR like 6 flags can.

    14. for meals I would budget $50 a person daily, for sourveniors that depends upon you and your budget. believe me some people can easily spend several thousands dollars on souvenirs.

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