General flight info - weekends vs. weekday cost?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by CJK, Mar 1, 2012.

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    Feb 5, 2001
    This is a general flight question for all charter flights (Southwest, Airtran, Jetblue, etc...). Is there generally a cheaper day to fly? Are Saturdays or Sundays more expensive than weekdays? I'm going to check out all the different airlines but I wondered if any of you could give me some tips. Thanks so much!
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    Aug 22, 1999
    I've noticed a few things about Hartford to Orlando flights in the last few years, but some of these might be unique to Hartford. I check fares frequently, and when we have a trip planned I'm checking them at least daily (particularly SWA, Jet Blue, and a general Kayak or Orbitz search). Now that Delta stopped direct flights out of Hartford, I really don't bother. There have been periodic sales (on multiple airlines at the same time) that are ONLY for flights on Tues and Wed. Many people can't take advantage of travel on those days.

    Other times, there are lower rates for most days of the week except Saturday (which seems to be a busy travel day to Orlando ..... and since some people stay exactly 7 nights, they will be returning on Sat).

    It's not unusual to see Saturday flights selling out of the lowest fare(s) before other days of the week, especially in busier seasons. And Friday flights may also sell out of the lower fare(s) if people are taking a long weekend.

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