Gaylord Palms


Love the wineauxs!
Apr 20, 2000
We checked out this new resort during the grand opening this past weekend. Just minutes from Disney, no traffic problems...what a place.....if you are looking for luxury off property give it a try!
What kind of rates are they charging there? I went by it last week, the place is huge.
Try $200 a night, by the way thats supposed to be a bargain. Howwever it does appear very grand. :smooth:
Did it look kid friendly at all? Did you see the pools.. any water slides? I saw the HUGE ad in USA today and after visiting their website I was surprised it's 200. Do you think it looks worth it?

It looked very kid friendly...there are two pools that we saw...yes one of them had a slide...not sure about the other one. The one we were looking at looked like it was made for kids with a big, and I mean big octupus fountain, and other very large sea animals...very cool.

I would say $200 per night is a bargain...considering they get way more than that for the deluxe resorts on disney property...and this resort has a lot to offer...many, many different restaurants...two pool areas, castle in the middle, paths for kids to explore,.....the inside looks like you are is very cool.

There were families all over the place when we were there...we sat for about an hour eating lunch...everyone looked like they were having a great time.
Friends who live in Florida went by to check it out yesterday. They were very impressed. I think there are discounts to be had.

This hotel was originally going to be called "Opryland." I belive it's modeled in a style that's similar to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. That hotel reminds me of Disney in terms of theming and things like that.
It reminded us of disney as far as theming as well, except Gaylord Palms went way beyond any disney have to see this place to believe it. It is wild!


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