Garden Grove?


Mar 30, 2015
I'm an event planner, and I'm planning a staff meeting for my organization at the Swan. For this meeting, we're allowing families to attend so I'm planning some family-friendly activities. I saw that they have character dining at Garden Grove, so I'm emailing back and forth with the manager on possibly setting up a group dinner there for a Monday night (we have about 70 people attending).

So my question is: Is Garden Grove worth it? I find mixed reviews on it, and not a ton of reviews to begin with. I think the character dining would be amazing to pull off as a surprise for the kids, but I want to make sure I'm not sacrificing quality.



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Aug 20, 1999
My family and I have dined there 3 times since October 2016, and we think it’s excellent.

One thing to mention—we’ve been only for the Seafood Sensation buffet which is held Thursday through Saturday nights only. It is my understanding that other nights have a soup, salad and dessert buffet; you chose an entree.

The dessert selection is incredible and comes from the kitchen of the resort’s award-winning pastry chef. No kidding—the desserts are world class mini pastries.


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Apr 29, 2001
We found that the character dining at the Garden Grove in the Swan was quite good. The food was better than that at the Disney-run big name character buffets like Chef Mickeys and the Crystal Palace and the character interaction was very similar. When we ate there, the setup was an “unlimited” soup and salad bar followed by a choice of entree with sides ordered off the menu. This was somewhat similar to the arrangement for the princess dinner at Akershus in Epcot/Norway. Your group dining arrangement might handle this differently.

Characters when we last visited were Goofy and Pluto, so somewhat different from the big name operations, but the character interaction was typical of what we have had elsewhere with good picture opportunities.

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Jan 17, 2014
We've eaten there twice, both times on seafood buffet nights. There are not a ton of different choices on the buffet, but everything taste great. Definitely save room for the awesome desserts,the carrot cake pop was delicious. Resized_20170825_195145_2973.jpeg


Mar 7, 2012
Agree with prior comments. Garden grove was great and the character interaction was above average. My DS loves Goofy-so needless to say he was beyond thrilled! We were also there for the seafood night- it just happened to work out that way and we thought both the service and food quality were great. We will definitely be back!