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Discussion in 'Non-Disney Online Games' started by charstar, Nov 3, 2008.

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    Jan 21, 2005
    I wanted to invited all Gaia Players who are planning on playing the gaia MMO zOMG! to join our new Disney Doom Clan started by the VMK players Guild.

    Anyone who plays Gaia and is a Disney Fan is of course invited to join the Clan!
    So far as I can tell there are Two Disney Clans currently.
    The one we just set up titled Disney Doom Clan is a public Clan there is no charge to join.The other is a private clan titled Disney.

    All Disney fans are welcome to join Disney Doom Clan
    (Disney Doom Clan or DDC is a take on MMC -Mickey Mouse Club)
    We opened membership to all Disney fans to broaden our Clan size and to make more friends.

    I wanted to make sure you knew that you can only join one Clan.
    We cordially invite you all to join this one!
    Just look for Disney Doom Clan
    I am using this free time to help organize our Clan and get everything set up for a magical time in zOMG with my fellow Disney fans!

    **Gaia is considered PG-13;
    Since this game is considered PG-13 here. Please do not add discussion to this thread unless approved by the Moderators.**

    This is their policy::Please note:
    No game with a rating higher than PG-13 will be permitted to be discussed. The rating assignment is at the discretion of the Gaming moderators.

    I only posted this to invite for those who already play and may not have known that there are Clans being set up for us Disney fans.

    *Moderators If this needs to be removed I understand* Thanks Charstar

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