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    Hi, we will be at WDW in late April. In June 1998 our daughter was granted a wish from MAKE A WISH and GKTW to visit WDW. It was soooooo great and magical. We are returning and will humbly request a GAC. GKTW issued an amazing pass "FRONT OF THE LINE" basically. I know our daughter will probably not get a pass like that again. Her medical condition remains the same as her wish trip and I will provide medical letters and dd's old GKTW pass and pin as proof of her previous trip. My question; is the GAC pass like a FRONT OF THE LINE pass? For instance, dd likes the Tomorrowland Race Cars, the wish trip pass allowed dd to enter thru the EXIT and get into a car, will the GAC do the same? I also need help "wording" my GAC request. My daughter is now 7 years old. She has life threatening congenital heart defects that can NOT be repaired. She has had 3 open heart operations already. Her disability is pretty much "invisible", she looks tired and a bit "blue", most folks think she's got a cold because she looks tired and a bit sick, but that's just her CHD look. Her activities can be "normal" but she obviously lacks strength. If dd waited in regular lines, she would tired more. I know that sounds weird, since most kids get tired in the lines. But dd would get REALLY tired and I think one line would "call it a day" for us. We also don't like exposing her to too many people at once ~ germs. During the wish trip, dd got a tummy virus that was 'going around' and it really hit her hard. The type of heart operation she had (the last one) makes the blood flow slugglish and dehydration and heat exposure are issues. Although I guess dd could stand in the shade, the waiting would tire her. I hate spending so much $$$$$$ to have a day at MK end at 11 am. So I would really appreciate your help in helping me word my request. I am grateful for your help.

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    As far as I know, the only card that gives "front of the line" access is the one given to Make A Wish kids as part of their wish. Except for that card, they all say that they don't give immediate access to any rides and are just meant to provide an appropriate waiting place. The cards do say that you are expected to use fastpass as much as possible. There are a lot of rides with fastpass, so this should help. In some cases, the CM may write out a sort of fastpass ticket that allows you to wait somewhere else and come back when you can get right on.
    For what you say to them, I'm sure you'll get lots of suggestions from other posters. I would just say that she has a life threatening heart condition that will make waiting in line or waiting in the sun and/or heat health threatening to her. You could also mention that it would be better for her to wait away from large groups of people, so a waiting place other than the main lines would be best. You could also ask to be allowed to use her stroller as wheelchair so you can bring it into lines and buildings where strollers are not normally allowed.

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