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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Andrew_Lubow, May 3, 2001.

  1. Andrew_Lubow

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    Sep 6, 2000
    I won't have a car next trip to FW. How do I get from the campgrounds to AKL so I can meet someone there for dinner?:confused:
  2. Mmketeer

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    Jan 8, 2001

    You should check with FW front desk for the absolute best route, but if it were me without asking I would...

    Take the boat from FW to MK front gates where I would pick up DAK Lodge's bus. This is only if you can return before MK closes! The other option is to go to Downtown Disney and do the same thing as Downtown Disney dosen't close til 1am. And, my last choice would be to do the above through the TTC (I hate TTC, but that's just my opinion.)

    Hope this helps...Mmketeer :pinkbounc
  3. Rhonda

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    Aug 17, 1999
    It will take a couple of different buses. You should take the FW bus to the TTC, then hop a Downtown Disney bus.

    When you get to DD, just switch to a AKL bus.

    Do it backwards for the way back to FW! Also, this way you can spend some time at DD after dinner! It's always fun to walk around there after dark and explore some of the shops and eat ice cream from Giardelli's!! :D

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