Fun with Kids Day 6 - Blizzard Beach, Boardwalk, and Juan

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  1. Redmic

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    May 10, 2000
    November 9, 2000 (Thursday)

    Today we went to Blizzard Beach. It was more crowded then last year, but the weather was also better. We arrived at 10:00 for the openning, got chairs near the kid's ski patrol area, and headed over to the family raft ride. Since a line had already built up, we got to notice how far you could see from the top while waiting. We could see the tree of life at AK and other sights.
    The family raft ride is way fun, although being a person afraid of heights, I did not enjoy the chair lift to the top! They took our photo at the bottom, but none of us wanted a picture of ourselves soaking wet in bathing suits, so we did not buy it. I wonder how many of those they sell?

    We went back to the ski patrol area so the kids could walk on the "ice floes". This is an activity they could do all day if we let them. After that, I took the 6-year-old to the wave pool while DH and my 10-year-old daredevil went on wedgie plummet. After that we all went on the inner tube ride around the park which was very crowded and we had to fight for tubes, but we enjoy that (the tube ride, not the fighting!) every time we go.

    We had the spaghetti lunch at Lottawatta Lodge. I must say, the lunches there are the best for the price of any of the parks IMHO. The only problem was, DH threw away our locker key with the tray! Luckily, we had emptied the locker before going to lunch. We told a cast member what happened, and he didn't seem too concrned about it (not concerned enough to pick through the trash anyway). DH has a habit of losing keys (he left my full set at the Orlando Airport last trip), but we won't go there.

    After doing the wave pool again, it was time to head out, but we did stop for the mini donuts. Not what I'd usually eat, but hey we're on vacation right! And they are good!

    We went back to CSR to clean up, then took the direct bus to the Boardwalk. We walked the lenght of it with the kids before dropping them off at the Harbour. It is in a great location, and is spacious and bright. They ate, played games, made crafts watched movies, and talked to other kids from other states. There were only 6 kids there that night, so they had lots of attention.

    Meanwhile DH and I went over to the brew pub to have a cold beer and watch the election returns some more. We had no problem getting a small table right away. After that we checked out Spoodles, but there was a long wait, so we decided to walk over to Juan & Only's at the Dolphin. We were seated immediately, and had very attentive service (the manager came by twice to see how we liked everything). We each ordered a Margerita and split an appetizer of crabmeat oncorn chips, which were set on top of red and green sauce. After that they brought us a bread tray, which had corn bread, jalapeno bread, a corn muffin and some kind of roll, with 3 kinds of butter on the side (cilantro, chili powder, and another which I couldn't identify). Heavenly! DH had jumbo shrimp tacos, which sounded weird but were stuffed with shrimp and veggies, and he said they were very good. I had a New Mexico spicy chichken linguini dish was delicious. All in all a great meal, well presented and served. I would definitely recommend it especially if the Boardwalk restaurants are full and you want a nice meal without a PS.

    After dinner we had one more drink at the ESPN Club (our wild night out!), which was booming. I'd never been there before, fun place but loud.
    We were back to pick up the kids by 8:30, and they were very disappointed and asked us to leave! They loved the Harbour Club. In fact they would go to a kids club every night if we let them!

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    Aug 18, 1999
    I've not heard much about the Harbor. I'm sure that there will be some people who are very interested in that. Sounds like a great day.

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A fun day for all. Thanks for posting!

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