Frustration with brand new appliances

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by eeyorethegreat, Jun 17, 2008.

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    Jan 31, 2005
    In April we remodelled our kitchen. this was a long time coming and due in part because of a small "inheiritance" from my DH granddad when he passed. We got all new appliances and cupboard basically gutted the kitchen and started over (yes it was that bad) . Anyway we purchased all new appliance including a Bosch Dish washer and an above stove GE Microwave. Well one of our new cupboard drawers fell apart and we had to fix it already. The Dishwasher doesn't work and today the microwave which has a metal rack (it is supposed to be "special" so that it doesn't arc while microwaving) started sparking inside when I used it. It actually burned some of the enamel off the inside! We have called about the dishwasher and the guys from Sears after two hours basically had no clue what was wrong with it and are going to replace all the electronics in it. Looks Like I will have to call about the microwave now too. I don't think that I should have to have a brand new microwave with a burn spot in it. Luckily we bought extended warrantees. I have taken the rack out of the microwave but was wondering if anyone knew if it should be replaced because of the melted enamel or will they come out slap some more enamel on it give me a new rack and call it good? Do you think I should push for a new microwave to replace it? If this wiring doesn't resolve the dishwasher issue I will be telling them they need to bring me another Dishwasher.

    I am so frustrated I am not hard on my appliances we had or old ones for years and years. I am really disappointed that two months after getting brand new ones I have more two that aren;t working right!
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    Well, I don't know if I will be much help, but I am here to commiserate with you. :grouphug:

    I am in the middle of a 5 month (so far), six figure renovation, that included a kitchen gut and all new appliances. What is it with appliances? You pay a bundle for them and they are crap. I purchased a GE undercounter beverage center that did not work from day 1. GE was out once and had to order a part, that they had delivered to my house. The next week, they called on the day it was supposed to be fixed and cancelled because my repairman was sick. The next week they were out to replace the part. The refrigerator ran for all of four hours and then broke again, spilling water all over my new hardwood floors. I had had it at that point, and requested a new refrigerator, which I pretty much had to fight tooth and nail for. The new one works great, but it is so frustrating to drop a boatload and not have things work right!!

    Regarding your microwave, since the sparking damaged the interior, I would definately request a new microwave, as I doubt that the damage can be fixed. Try it, and see how it goes.

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