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Discussion in 'Coping and Compassion' started by BippityBoo, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. BippityBoo

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    Jul 6, 2009
    Hello, everyone! I'm writing for advice. My son (5) and daughter (9) have both been sick frequently since October. They both had the stomach flu in Oct and again in December, allergies in between, and this week, they have another virus (possibly flu) that my husband and I also got.

    Their pediatrician isn't concerned and said we've just had bad luck during a very sick time of year. We are a healthy family, so it concerns me greatly. Has anyone experienced this before? I feel like we can't catch a break. Thanks so much. Katie
  2. Christine

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    Aug 31, 1999
    No need to be concerned, this just happens sometimes. And more so with kids that are school aged. They are in very frequent contact with lots of kids and they are the biggest germ spreaders. The "stomach flu" is really most likely Norovirus and that is highly contagious, as are upper respiratory viruses and influenza. It really doesn't matter how healthy the you. If the "virus" or "bug" gets into you, you're going to suffer.

    When my kids were in daycare/school, I felt as if they were sick constantly. Some years better than others. In fact, they were in daycare since they were babies and had run through most illness by the type they were 5 years old and quite the resistance to many things. I did notice that kids who were not in daycare and had started kindergarten spent the next 3 years catching every bug that went around. Your kids are just coming into contact with stuff they've never had before or stuff that's really contagious.

    All you can really do is hammer into their heads good habits such as handwashing and keeping their hands off their faces, out of their noses/eyes/mouths.
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    Aug 3, 2004
    I agree with Christine.

    It seems like some years are worse than others. Last year my DD13 started high school, and every week something new popped up. Frequent Ped visits thankfully ruled out anything serious (like yourself). He told me a new school, a whole bunch of new germs mixing about.

    Winter seems much rougher for all of this IMHO.

    Hoping for some healthier times for all of you.
  4. PeeWee70

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    Jun 12, 2012
    I will never forget the year my now 20 year old daughter started kindergarten. Stomach virus or "vomiting episodes" four times, strep throat twice, lice twice and countless number of colds and she only went every other day. I thought is what I'm in for all her school years, but it got better. Hopefully your kids will be better for the second half of the school year.
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    Aug 22, 2011
    Last year my littlest was in kindergarten and I swear he was out almost a week every month. I was extremely concerned and the doc kept saying it was normal. So far this year in 1st grade, he's only had one sniffle. So I am guessing the others are right :confused3 I didn't think it was possible, lol

    Good luck! I know it really sucks when they are always sick :(

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