Frequency of Air Miles MCO flight discounts?


Sep 13, 2014
Hey ... I've noticed that Air Miles has Orlando has their "destination" of the week for flights booked through to around the end of the year, I think. It appears to be about 20% less miles.

I don't often use Air Miles to book flights. I'm curious how often Orlando comes up at this kind of discount?

Tempted to book it (assuming tomorrow is the last day of the 'week' and they don't use some other 'week' unto their own?). But had been hoping to watch prices a bit longer and have a chance to really firm up on our dates (we are talking about going down 1-3 days before we'll be doing Disney but haven't nailed that down yet).

Any thoughts or insights on this particular promotion or the likelihood of it coming up again before the end of November would be appreciated.

Looking for flights the second week of December.


The "Air Miles" Lady
Mar 9, 2005
I haven't ever noticed Orlando as a discounted AirMiles destination. I just looked on the Airmiles website and I haven't seen prices that low in a few years. (just looked Ottawa-Orlando). With Airmiles once those seats are sold they are done. As soon as you can firm up your dates book it.


I'm All About The Princesses!
Aug 3, 2014
Dang, there wasn't anything below 9000 A/M for my dates when I booked last week! Better jump on that!


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