French words/phrases to know and French money


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Dec 31, 2017
What French words/phrases should I know at DLP for when workers ask how many in my party, assign me a row, etc? Also is there a place at DLP to trade American money for French money? We’re going straight from the airport to DLP so we won’t be able to trade before we go there.

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Feb 22, 2007
Most cast members speak English as well so will understand if you tell them how many in English. However its polite to learn a few basic phrases such as please and thank you in French. The best way to do this is by looking for an online language programme so you can hear it as well as see the words.
I could tell you here some useful phrases but unless you know how to pronounce them (by hearing them) they are useless.

There is a cash exchange place at DLP - in the Village however you probably wont get the best rate of exchange there and Im not sure of opening hours. You are better to change your money before you travel from your bank etc or put the money on a pre paid travel card which you then use in the shops/restaurants etc. However if you get a card like this you will still need some cash as some of the carts dont take card and there may be things you need before reaching DLP so I definitely wouldnt travel with no Euros at all


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Feb 5, 2012
Yes, no, thank you and please are a good start. But as mentioned, most cast members speak English and the language is not as much as an issue as it could be a few years ago.
How many in your party you can always do with your fingers, depending on the ride, some can be loud, like Pirates and BTM. These are the only rides where I have a preference to sit at the front (Pirates) and back (BTM). And I always ask in English.

I wouldn't exchange money, unless you plan to buy at a mobile food cart. In the summer they add extra ice cream carts which don't except cards. I would pay everything with card and if you really want to buy something that needs cash, I would go to the ATMs around the park. But of course depends on your bank if there are extra costs (it's not the case for my cards, only for cash withdrawal).


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