French Quarter or Coronado Springs?


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May 29, 2005
Are these two resorts the same price? Or is one more expensive than the other? Which is more romantic?


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Dec 3, 2003
POFQ and CS are both moderate resorts and are the same price. I have not stayed at CS but have stayed at POFQ and just from my stay there it would get my vote. It is definitely a romantic's the smallest resort on Disney property which also makes it one of the most quiet, there isn't much kid traffic and the boat rides back and forth to Downtown Disney at night are great. CS is also a convention resort which makes for lots and lots of people there on business. From what I have heard it can be very loud and busy. Hope you enjoy your stay whatever you decide. :wave2:


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Aug 4, 2002
I believe they are the same price.
I prefer POFQ over CS. CS is very large and the food court was always mobbed (even though we were there off season). I really did not care for the theming.
POFQ is a smaller, more intimate resort. We really loveed it and it was recently renovated. It also has a great pool!
Good luck w/ your decision and enjoy your trip!


I have stayed at both. POFQ is lovely, the pool is wonderful for little kids, but I was less than impressed with it. CSR is VERY romantic and the pool is moe adult themed.


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Dec 6, 2002
It really depends on what you like. I've stayed at both and prefer CSR to POFQ. It's a beautiful resort with a nice pool/hot tub area. It also has a spa, unlike the other mods. If you stay there, make sure you take a walk around the lake at night - now that's romantic!

There's several people who have CSR websites with great pics. Epcotfan and Buzz something. You'll see their responses frequently on the CSR questions. Make sure you check those out before making your decision.

Jun 6, 2001
I would say CSR is more adult oriented since it is a convention hotel. This is why we prefer it since there seem to be more adults around and fewer children. Porfq doesn't have a full service restaurant only a foodcourt. CSR has the Maya Grill restaurant in addition to the Pepper Market. There is only one pool at Porfq. CSR has 4 pools. If you like a New Orleans type atmosphere then go with PORfq. If you like Southwest tropical themeing then CSR might be for you. You can check my website for pictures and video. :)


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Jun 22, 2004
We find that CSR is very romantic and has an overall more relaxing, quiet, adult vibe to it. PO is very nice, we have visited friends staying there but romantic-no-we didnt think so at all!


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May 24, 2003
No sit down restaurant at POFQ, if that is important to you. I don't think you can go wrong at either resort. :bitelip:


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Feb 18, 2001
I would go with POFQ. It is much smaller and you also have the boat transportation to DTD. It does share a bus with POR, so when going to the parks POFQ is picked up first. CSR is a very large resort, you could have as much as a 15 minute walk to the front of the resort.


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Apr 4, 2004
We have stayed at both POFQ and CSR. I prefer POFQ. It is moch less spread out, more intimate. It absolutely IS romantic- lots of tucked-away courtyards, and the stroll along the river. The boat to DTD was great. There are also carriage rides available in the evenings... very nice! I will admit, the pool at CSR is nicer for adults- more adult oriented. The pool at POFQ is nice, but more fun than romantic.

CSR is very pretty, and the lake is nice- but it just didn't seem as romantic as POFQ to us. Everything was so spread out and took a long time to get to. The food court was always crowded. The bus stopped at all (four? five?) stops before heading to the parks- that added a lot of time to the commute. CSR just didn't have that "certain something" that makes Disney resorts so special. It seemed like any generic resort in FL, AZ, or NM.

Overall, I would recommend POFQ over CSR.


Jul 9, 2004
I don't think you can go wrong with either. I have stayed at the CSR, but not POFQ, but I always thought the POFQ looked romantic. The CSR is probably more adult oriented, due to it being a convention hotel, but that can be a plus or a minus.

Unless the spa is really important, in which case go with CSR, I would go with the one whose theme appeals to you. New Orleans vs. Mayan/Mexican.


CSR has an internal shuttle, so you don't have to walk. It's not much of a walk to me, though. I walked around the whole resort twice in one day because I wanted to.


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Mar 17, 2005
POFQ hands down, more intimate, not as large, our family likes it alot more. :earsgirl:


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Mar 27, 2005
The POFQ gets my vote.

CSR, while it has its moments, isn't what I'd call "romantic". As the Disney with Kids book puts it, "it's the only resort on Disney property where you'd risk hearing cursing by the pool." Seems VERY convention oriented to me.


Jan 1, 2000
I personnally like CSR better than POFQ. However, POR offers horse drawn carriage rides which many feel provides a romantic moment. POR is about a 15 minute romantic stroll along the Sassagoula River to POFQ.


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Nov 9, 2004
I have been to both resorts and enjoyed both and intend to return to both at some future time.
However, if I would choose FQ over CSR as being more romantic, especially with the HORSE CARRIAGE available for evening strolls.
Plus the FQ is much smaller, easier to get around and best of all it takes less time to get back to room after a hard day at a park.


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Aug 20, 1999
POFQ is a very small quaint resort.

CSR is very large, and spread out but that offers some advantages. For one there are 3 very different areas at CSR. The view around the lake at night is one of the most beautiful at Disney. The lounge and full service restaurant is really good.

I will also have to agree that the pool situation at CSR is definitely more adult oriented than POFQ. At POFQ you only have the serpent slide pool. At CSR you have the very large, themed pooled then 3 very nice quiet pools in the 3 areas of the resort. You also have a nice beach area in the Cabanas with hammocks.

For romantic atmosphere, CSR gets my vote.


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Feb 26, 2005
I can't really "vote" because I haven't stayed at either, but I have visited POFQ during our stay at POR. Keep in mind you have full use of the facilities at POR as well, including several quiet pools and another main pool on Ole Man Island. Also there is a table service restaurant at POR which is a 15 minute romantic boat trip or a 10 minute walk along a sparkling river flanked by beautiful buildings and flowers.


May 14, 2000
We've been to CSR 8 times and we still love it just as much as our first time back in 1998.

No sharing bus service with other resorts
Centrally located with short rides to the parks
Largest hot tub on WDW property
Awesome main pool area with 3 quiet pools
New internal shuttle service eliminates long walks around the resort
High speed internet service & WiFi available
Free use of the gym
Spa/Hair Salon
Fridge in the room
Coffeemaker in the room
Iron and ironing board
Hair Dryer in room
2 arcades

Full size beds
one sink

The Pepper Market is either a love it or hate it place. We love it because of all the great choices but some folks just don't care for it.
Convention resort - some guests don't like seeing other guests in suits. Doesn't bother us and helps keep the buses and pool empty. CSR is the only mod convention center but the GF, Cont, BW, Y&B Clubs are also convention centers.


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