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    -Breakfast at Kona, loved Tonga toast, but will never waste a table service on breakfast again, the value is completely lost at breakfasts!

    _ Cape may (first time) for dinner. Everything was good, not great

    Le cellier 3 nights for dinner spread throughout the week. We love this restaurant, absolutely ask for Tracy. She was fun and a thoughtful server. We were talking with her about local TV and commented about the APPLIANCE DIRECT Commercials. She had another server come over and do his impersonations, " I love appliances" "$795 in the box, just like an airplane" It was hilarious!!!, the servers from Canada are a happy bunch, not only a great steak, but a fun place to be!!

    Boma (first time) for dinner. This was a fantastic buffet. great prime rib, and fantastic desserts. Yes, we loved the Zebra domes. We were starting to go sour on the buffets, but Boma saved the day.

    Coral Reef ( first time) for lunch. Asked and received a table next to the glass, the fish were fun, and we liked the meal.

    Wolfgang Puck cafe for dinner. We love Puck, everything we have ever had there just tastes good, also a nice selection to choose from for dinner, and fantastic large desserts!!! Puck express is definitely a top 5 counter service also.

    Ohana's (first time) for dinner. We were seated in a corner far away from the fun. Food was average, server was very poor. We were very disappointed, but I think we just got the worst of the place. Most people where the action was going on were having a great time. We had very high hopes going in, probably just hit an off night.

    Favorite counter service locations:

    -Puck Express Downtown disney
    -Typhoon Tillys at Typhoon lagoon, Chicken wrap, smoothie, big bag of chips, and a great ice cream waffle cone. Easily shared if you like.
    -Pepper market at Coranado springs is also great, good selection and great value, you can even get a ribeye steak dinner witha counter service!

    This was our 3rd year in a row of free dining, We have only been to Disneyworld these 3 times, and are very spoiled. The dining is at least 50% of the experience for us!!:yay:
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    Thanks for the great reviews!:thumbsup2
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    Thanx for the reviews, I enjoyed reading them.

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