"free" coupon book with ticket purchase


Earning My Ears
Mar 24, 2015
I am in the process of purchasing tickets for our upcoming trip to Universal...

Pricing out ticket, there is a $11 difference between Undercover Tourist, and buying directly from Universal. However Universal offers a "Free" Coupon book with some discounts.

Does anyone have any experience with this coupon book, is it worth the $11 it would cost me to buy directly from Universal?
the coupon booklet can be okay as long as it is valid for the places you would want to eat at.

some are kids eat free with an adult type of thing.

% off after 4 at a few places in the hotel, etc.

last year coupon booklet was the same as years prior.

not sure if there has been a change to them for 2015.

hopefully someone will come on board here to list the present coupons.

have you tried to google for this year's booklet?


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