Four Go Wild In Florida (Mar 2001) - 7 - Ahoy There!

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    Four Go Wild In Florida

    Previous drivel

    The Plan and The Flight

    We get off the plane

    Discovery Cove

    "Walk this w..a...yyy!" MGM & Reflections

    An unusually quiet day- Universal & Jungle Jim’s

    Where's the Plan? !! (EPCOT)

    Day 6 – “Ahoy, there !”

    Plan for today – Breakfast at H&V , Sea World then Reflections Cruise with Janice and Chris.

    Changes to plan – D&G to use e/e MGM to catch up on R&RC and ToT.

    Missed from plan to date - E Night(MK), Pleasure Island , Blizzard Beach, Wet n Wild, Downtown Disney, Fantasmic, Off Kilter, British Invasion, Tapestry of Nations.

    As you see, faithful stranger, our plans are falling behind due to the weather. Not to worry, 9 days left and we’ve loads of unscheduled time later in the plan to catch up. Today is the first such opportunity as we had planned a lie in before going to MGM for our PS breakfast at H&V. Now, we can take advantage of early entry at MGM for me and the boy to catch up on R&RC and ToT coz he missed them, on Day 3, when he was poorly. Our PS is booked for 8pm and we agreed , last night, that Gary and me would take the car to MGM for e/e at 7.30 while V&J follow on the bus in time to meet us at H&V. Planning see ; to the minute!

    Alarm set for 7am – I thought, as we were all getting tired, we wouldn’t ‘force’ the early entry (compassion, too!) Of course, I’m awake at 6.15 and soon have the boy up with me graceful pottering. The girls are drowsy and we let them enjoy their lie in as they don’t have to be out for a whole 20 minutes after us. I’m really looking forward to today – R&RC , of course but H&V will be special ,having enjoyed me first character interaction so much yesterday, me old mate Shamu then finish off meeting Janice and Chris for our cruise and Reflections of Earth. It could only be more perfect if Sunderland got a cup at the end of it!

    So, pottering complete , and the time’s 7.05 – meticulous as always, Dave – nice one.
    “ C’mon Gary, we’ll get off. Do you want to get the car keys out of the safe?”
    Kids like to ‘do things’ don’t they? Ahh.
    “ Howay, Gary, Hurry up!”
    “What d’ya mean you haven’t got the key? You had it yesterday.”
    “When’d you give it back to me? I don’t think so”
    “ But if I had it, it wouldn’t be lost now, would it ? !” Stupid boy!
    The key’s gone ! It’s not in our Gary’s hand , like it was yesterday morning and it’s not in me sock like it would be if I’d got it back from him – in me drawer, stupid stranger, not the one I’m wearing!
    Is it any wonder no-one ever asks to share a holiday with us!
    Several minutes of all-out panic ensue and Valerie even gets out of bed – it’s that serious. Did we find it, did we heck!
    “We’ll have to get a spare from Reception” said I.
    “There’s a $35 dollar charge. I read it on the massive orange keyfob they provide to stop you losing the keys” said Julie with absolutely no concern for her safety!
    “$35 for our Gary losing a key! I’m not paying that. It’s got to be here. Let’s trash the room!” So we did.
    “How’ve you lost it?” I demanded.
    “ Will you stop saying you gave it back to me! How can that be right? Do I look the type of Dad that loses keys?”
    Shut up, insubordinate stranger!

    Of course it couldn’t be my fault. We need the safe keys to remove the car keys from the safe. We never used the car yesterday , so how can it be my fault ? Easy, see, no link. We only went to Epcot on the bus ; oh… and E Night. If I’d opened the wrong zip on me bum bag, it could possibly (not that I had it, mind) have slipped out on the rides. (Oooh !)

    “Tell you what, everyone, Dad’ll make the ultimate sacrifice and go and get a spare key at reception whatever the cost. Money’s no object when me family’s holiday is at stake”
    “Gary, I’ll take it out of your pocket money when we get home!”
    “Well, I’ll start giving you some then!”

    I skipped down to reception as if I had nothing else to spend me money on and the girl smiled at me as I approached the counter.
    “ Me son’s lost the bloomin safe key and the whole holiday’s ruined. I don’t know where the $35 is coming from – do you do terms?”
    “No problem sir, we’ll have someone from Maintenance come over within the hour”
    “An hour! No spare behind the desk? They’re going to have to remove the door and fit a new lock! No wonder it’s $35 ! But me plan? Me holiday’s ruined. I’m due at H&V at 8am – it IS 8am ! What am I going to do ?”
    Fear not, exit bound stranger, Captain FlexiPlan is here ! A man able to juggle his fear of spending money , while rejigging his plan before the pretty receptionists eyes is worth two of a boy who can do neither (no, I don’t understand that either).
    “Can you rebook me H&V reservations so I can salvage something from this tragedy me boy’s brought upon the family?”
    She could. She rang H&V and spoke to a CM there.
    “Yes, he took his daughter on Test Track yesterday and now is trying to blame his son for losing the safe key!”
    “That’s fine Sir, I’ve rescheduled your family for 9.20 – since you’re on the bus now- and you can go too, even though this whole fiasco is obviously your fault.”

    So off we headed for MGM, none the worse for our ordeal.

    On the way, we decided to skip Seaworld because of the late start. It would give us the half day to do MGM. We’d go to SW the day we scheduled for MGM again – well oiled machine, you see.


    Got up early to get to MGM to ride R&RC and ToT before breakfast.
    Gary lost the safe key so had to reschedule the whole day – no problem, glad to help!
    Off to MGM now, at last!
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    How was the Reflections Cruise?
    Glad you managed to salvage the ps at H&V, trust Gary to lose the key:rolleyes:
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    .............and did the key ever turn up, Dave?

    Another excellent (half a ) report!! Waiting with baited breath for the conclusion of the day!!

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    Thanks for sharing - Wonderful reviews!!!

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