Fort Wilderness Cabins

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  1. 4KsLUVDisney

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    May 2, 2006
    We are going to WDW in March 2013 and will be staying in the Fort Wilderness Cabins. Any suggestions or recommendations for staying there?

    Our kids considering this roughing it at WDW since we normally stay in a villa but we wanted to try something new this time.

  2. tobikaye

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    Dec 6, 2009
    Are you want specifics on the cabin or on the resort in general? If you have not checked out the campground forum, then I would suggest you do that for some information on the campground.

    From my personal experience:

    1. Check out the Electric Water Pageant from the beach one night if you have not already seen this. It is old style, but still kind of fun.

    2. Spend some time exploring the campground. Many of those in the camping section decorate their sites and some are great. Renting bikes can be fun for this.

    3. If you are all up for the walk, walk over to WL some morning from the Pioneer Hall area. It is not unusual to see many birds or deer.

    4. As for the cabins, enjoy having a meal out on the deck occasionally. The campground does not have as much lush greenery as it did in years past, but it can be nice.

    5. Housekeeping does your dishes daily so do not worry about them.

    6. If you want hot chocolate early in the morning (6-ish), bring your own. I forgot to bring any once and I could not get it that early.

    7. The squirrels do not like honey nut cheerios, or at least the ones that came by our cabin. [Note: I was not feeding them on purpose, but dropped some while I was eating them dry as a snack before a mid-morning breakfast.]

    8a. Car: If you have a car, it is parked in your spot at your cabin and is not useful for getting around the campground much. There is only one other place past the resort gates that you can park and that is only for 15 minutes at the settelment. Driving from the cabins to Epcot, DHS, and AK is usually preferred if you are concerned about times.

    8b. Golf Cart: If you have a golf cart, there is parking at the marina, pools, stores and most have places for plugging in if your battery gets low. These are great for exploring the campgrounds. You cannot drive them over to WL.

    8c. Bus: Some have issues with the bus getting around the resort, but they come quite frequently. I cannot remember the route directly right now, but there are only three and they are not difficult to use.

    8d. Boat: One of my favorite ways to get to MK is to take the boat from FW. Also is fun to take the boat to the Contemporary to use the monorail to get to the other monorail resorts.
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    Oct 27, 2007
    If you will not have a golf cart then ask to be placed at the start of the loop, in a loop near the bus stop. We didn't bother and we had quite a haul. We don't normally mind walking but it was a bit much after being in the parks all day, in the heat of August.

    Otherwise we enjoyed ourselves and the extra room very much.:)
  4. digitaldevice

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    Mar 7, 2007
    We just returned from Fort Wilderness Cabins. It was the 5 of us and we had lots of space. We made breakfast most every morning before heading to the parks. We rented a car and didn't have a golf cart. If your going to be doing stuff at the resort get a golf cart, we didn't plan on doing anything at the resort so no cart for us. We were in the 2300 block and it was perfect. Close to the entrance. We drove to the trading post to get our mugs, very easy.:thumbsup2
  5. lufty

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    Aug 4, 2010
    We love renting a golf cart and touring the grounds. Was always nice when we would get back late from the parks at night and the little guy would fall asleep on the bus. Didn't have to wake him up, shlep him over to the benches, and wait for the next bus to take us to our loop. Just hopped on the cart and headed right to our site. We went between thanksgiving and xmas last time and the decorations people put on their sites were AMAZING!! Was great to tour the grounds at night to see them all. If you dont' like the price of the carts through Disney, call Kenny... Not sure about the number, but I found it in the campground forum (search for Kenny and golf cart). He was very reasonably priced and the carts were very nice. Almost half the price of Disney's.

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