former cook II at polynesian village


Earning My Ears
Oct 29, 2019
I am Daphnee Clermontis and I was working as cook II as role in Polynesian village in main kitchen. In August 2017 I went to my home country Haiti for emergency reason, while I was there I lost my green card(my permanent resident card), for that reason, I stayed in Haiti months until USCIS granted me access to return to the U.S. but as I got back, my car was towed by the car loan company and the bedroom that I rented, cleared(remove or put out) all my belonging from the bedroom. I lost all I had. For that reason, I lost the costumes that I had in my possession and also a letter of separation was sent out from the company.

I would like to know what to do because casting told me that only problem is with costuming department made difficult to rehire. What should I do to solve this problem.


DIS Veteran
Nov 19, 2010
I think you would have to pay back the funds for the lost costumes to be cleared to be re-hired. I think someone on the college board had a similar issue.


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