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    Jun 30, 2003
    I totally understand your problem with Vistana Villiage Resort. I stayed there the first year they were open and when the reservations were made no one told me it was still under construction. The noise was horrible every morning, the pool was finished but there were construction workers all over the place. There was no lobby and only two buildings. To top it off we got stuck talking to someone about a timeshare even though at the time we had not been informed that this was a timeshare property. Anyway I wrote to the parent company, Sheraton. The letter was very harsh and I told them of all our problems. I told them that I was unable to find anyone to address these problems. Three days after mailing the letter I got a call from the manager of the property, Glen Clinton. He was able to quote most of what I had written to the main office and he was apologetic. He offered me three free nights on my next stay which I promptly accepted. The problem was when I made my reservations I dealt only with his secretary and she was a witch. She wanted to charge us over 200.00 per night even though part of the deal with Mr. Clinton was that we would get the best rate and it would be one of the top rooms. I fought about it and the rate was about 116.00 when we factored in the free nights. Later I realized that there were many staying for even less. I do love the place and have gone back again but do not let anything go by . Deal strictly with Sheraton and they will contact Mr. Clinton NOT his assistant.

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