Foot massage machine in Amity-USF?


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Aug 29, 1999
Suzysezso just posted there was a .25 foot massage machine near Amity. I've never heard of this, but I love it!

Where exactly is it?
Then does that mean there are two machines? One in Amity and one in KidZone?

Enquiring feet want to know!
They must be new, when I saw them I thought that I had just not noticed them before, now I wish I had taken better note of where they were, because they were indeed wonderful!
There are 2 yellow chairs with silver vibrating footrests. (And yes indeed we all tried them on more than just our feet!!!)
:rolleyes: :D
I remember they were tucked in to the right side of the street as you walk from NY to Jaws I believe just past the pastry shop & caricature area next to one of the midway-type games.
Now all we need is a full body massage machine like I've seen at my local mall! They'd have a queue longer than the hulk!

I know that there is some sort of seats across from JAWS. There are two of them side by side but I didn't know what they were. I know that the cost was $.25.
Although I have yet to try the ones here, I tried the ones at Kennywood. These things are very enjoyable. I wondered why I had not seen them anywhere else but Kennywood up to this point. A must stop for tired feet.
We used the foot massagers at Amity this past weekend.... they are GREAT!!! They are at the left side of an arcade game across the road from the Jaws entrance... I think a water pistol race game (which is to the left of the funnel cake store). You get to sit down and it lasts about a minute or 90 seconds... it really works. A hint... have someone standing put one foot in the center between your two. Not only do they get a half of a message... but by stepping on the center it make the vibration even stronger for the person sitting down.

One of the best quarters I spent at USF!! Disney should install them everywhere!!!



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